What is your nationality? Do you like it?

Right there. You don’t say “certain Americans” or “lots of Americans” or “Americas leaders” You insinuate that you mean “all Americans”. Maybe you didn’t mean too but it gives the impression that you are lumping us all together.

Well, when it comes to the issues, so many people are indifferent.

The mistakes our leaders make is representative of the country since it’s who the majority votes for.

The majority tends to represent the country as a whole.

And with that said… it is an embarrassment.

I got accused of almost the same thing Arturo did somewhere else and was even assumed not to be an American. I explained that it’s because I’m American that I’m embarrassed by it. And that I don’t leave because I still have hope for it yet.

If you read my original post carefully you see I am admitting our mistakes and i give an example of how we tried to make up for them.

I’m an American. My family lineage is European, primarily German, with some Polish and little bits of other nationalities mixed in.

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The majority is not always right.
It’s certainly tied in but I won’t accept responsibility for mistakes Trump has made. It’s not my fault. Most of the mistakes leaders make is representative of other politicians. That’s over-simplifying but it makes a little sense. This is going nowhere so I’ll let it go.

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I’m an American. I don’t like that my Country may be seen as militarily aggressive. I also don’t like that so much of the wealth here goes to the the top %1.

But things are not bad here for me in general, at least as far as my country has to do with it.

One thing I have a problem with is people getting a tax cut for being married. You don’t deserve a tax cut for that and if you might reconsider without the tax cut you shouldn’t be getting married.

I’m Irish-American, and I identify with my region of the country-- the Pacific Northwest. There is a slight accent here that I can detect. I can usually tell if someone grew up here based upon how they speak.

Damn proud to be an American!

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So you just assume everyone is against you when they say “Americans are stupid”? Well I can see why you are here.

How do you think I feel when a guy who says “Mexicans bring crime and rape” gets elected? Elected, meaning by majority vote from Americans. Let me know when you get the answer to that and you will know how I feel.

EDIT: You’re just twisting my words so you can nit pick at me. I won’t continue further discussion with you as you’re only goal is to out do me. So I won’t subject myself to your abuse. Good bye.

I’m British and we are the laughing stock at the minute


I’m a martian now, on the next shuttle off this rock.


I am a Brit. Guguvuguvh


I enjoy parts of every culture… having been to other places i feel like americans do not have a true culture. We commercialized the hell out of our holidays and the hand picked ones we borrow from other peoples… they all feel like hollow charades of what they should be…

Its still ok to be american though.


Hah. The Apache were never assassins Holmes. Also they came from Tlaxcalans and Aztecs were essentially Maya, Inca, and Tlaxcalans that moved north and south from their respective areas. Olmes predates the Aztec empire so do Tlaxcalans, Maya, Inca, Xiximeca, and Apache. Anyway… not hating on the Aztec city state of Chapultepec, it was founded when they exhiled a few from each tribe to search for an Eagle who loved a snake in a mound surrounded by water. You see the eagle did not eat the entire snake before then. Anyways… long story short. That is nice.

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Can’t be as bad as Trump? :grin:

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@mermaid1 are you Kuwaiti and Irani? Just kidding hah. Thst would explain why you refuse to share your nationality. You were made from love! Like everyone who is born by someone to someone. Anyway you may have another nationality who knows… as for me let’s see… California was stolen from Mexico… so I am Mexican hahaha. Anyway, to be truthful, I was born in Tijuana on May 5th, at my grandma and grandpa’s house at Colonia Libertad but my mom was worried at the sound of gunshots rang so she pushed me back in umbilical cord and all… so then my parents went to northern California central coast of the Americas pretty much… where I was promptly placed on an incubator as I was born a little… “late” lmao. Mofoken anchor baby… and what? So I have a Mexican and a United States birth certificate. And I was “born” where my sisters were born. Oh and the Hospital where I was placed inside the incubator does not exist anymore, it was torn down to make a hotel… which some say is haunted… oooh. Because it was the site of California’s oldest insane asylum… oooooooh :ghost:happy month of the dead!


Brexit brexit brexit


Trump trump trump


I know they weren’t assassins but I have thought blocking. “Assassin” was just used as a lack of a better word when I couldn’t think of the one I wanted.

I know about the Aztec story though. It’s why the Eagle is eating the Snake while sitting on a Cactus in the Mexican flag. It’s interesting they actually found that though despite being a religious premonition. (I don’t believe in the mythology but the symbols resonate with me on certain levels)

I have filipino mixed in… so my cousins over there claim their leader is pretty dam bad. All i can say is atleast we dont have the north korean dicktater for our leader…