What is your least favorite neccesity to buy?

I hate having to go out and get toiletries like toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, etc. Its not like i don’t like having those things. Of course i like having those things. But i get so annoyed having to get them especially without a car. Lugging around a case of paper towels is no fun lol. What about you?



Toilet Paper

Talk about money down the drain

cat litter. it’s so heavy.

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Paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue. I have the same problem with transportation that you have.

The one that really gets me is garbage bags. I am literally paying money to throw it away!

I also hate buying toothpaste, because there are nine million different kinds of toothpaste. Takes time to find the one with the right texture, flavor, and price.

I’ve been thinking abt using Amazon’s subscription service to buy and deliver these items, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Would be nice though. Save a lot of time.

Mine when I had a job was private health insurance. Maybe it was the type that I got but it cost money and never really paid for anything. I would have to get charge more than 5000 dollars for it to be useful. Everything else it is like the insurance ignored the costs. Even the discounts on meds you can get with good rx. Although lately the store that I get them at has be screwing me over on the price of the meds.

toilet paper, I have plenty of tooth paste we get it from food pantries free. I have to say dog food. I love dogs don’t get me wrong but why should I buy dog food for dogs that aren’t even mine. its bad enough I pick up their poop.

I bought a huge pack of toilet paper today. I felt a little weird because it was the only thing I was buying.

Right now? A new furnace.

Toothbrush and toothpaste! It’s like a consumers nightmare of choice and of course they are all the best and all scientifically proven. So which one is better then the next?

For some reason we’re always running out of tin foil to line the baking sheet for cooking. Always buying paper towels and tin foil.

Washing powder I think

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Deodorant, I can’t be around perfumes so the only one without perfume I like is only sold at one store, I have to go to just for that.

I get the lightweight kind now. Dust-free too. Arm n Hammer ? It’s awesome. :smiley_cat:


I hate buying dinner food… having to think about what’s for dinner. Protein, starch, and vegetable… protein, starch and vegetable…

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toilet paper…then coffee…we buy two tubs of coffee a month and it gets old…

I’m afraid to change litters for fear my cats would refuse to use the new stuff.

I don’t like soup powder, toilet roll is easier bc it is lighter to carry , just anything heavy really

I just hate it when my inflatable doll springs a leak. Do you have any idea how much they cost now to replace??

Keep the old litter and start mixing the new stuff in until eventually it’s all new stuff. :blush: