Store brand toilet paper SUCKS

I bought charmin in March and it lasted me until August (like 12 rolls I think). I went back and bought store brand and I already went through a roll in like 2-3 days. Don’t let the prices fool you. You save a lot of money by getting the name brands rather than the store brands.

Oh great never really thought about that but will now keep it in mind
I like andrex with puppies

I usually use Charmin, one day I ran out and bought a generic brand - Man it was like using Sandpaper!

Never again - Its Charmin for me from now on :blush:

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I remember the crinkly toilet paper we had at school. It was awful.

That crap they use in public bathrooms is the worst. (No pun intended :slight_smile: )

Scott is good too

At school we had tracing paper type toilet roll

For some reason, the couple that I’m renting a room from in their home like to buy all the paper products. They buy all the paper towels, the napkins, and the toilet paper. It’s pretty good quality, it’s not bad for free.

you are ’ posh '…i still use leafs from trees !!! :deciduous_tree:
take care :alien:

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I noticed a big difference when I buy tissue paper and toilet paper from wholesalers like Costco. I’ve been saving a lot of money buying the stuff I use a lot. Tissues, soap, chicken, shampoo, toothpaste.

my coworker who was a funny guy complained to my boss…“hey Bob, that toilet paper you bought is just like you…it don’t take ■■■■ offa nobody !” I thought that was pretty funny.

Finding good balanced tp is part of the game of life.

Dude you gotta sleep on these issues.

You didn’t post that. It doesn’t exist.

You didn’t even make that last post.

It’s not there.

What else is going on?

Ok. Your sister’s poem was nice, I don’t read much poetry but it seems legit.

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If your stuck with only TP to complain about, your doing ok tbh.