What is your goal?

Can you draw map for your goal?

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I thought that in one year ibwill earn money frm art.

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It’s Said that if you tell People your goal your less likely to accomplish them. Youll lose motivation.
My goal, 78/79 kg with a 16% body fat. I also want to become a better sprinter with a lot of power. And one more, start the month with full paycheck without owning anyone anything.


So what should i say them

My goal is to get part time paid work but I don’t think it’ll happen

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Yes it will not happen if you sit here and do nothing. But if you do something about it it have more chance to happen

If you say them it’s a chance that youll lose motivation

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@sketch_with_me maybe you are right

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My goal is to keep stable, and not let anything interfere with my life.

Things are settling down again, and I am happy for things to continue as they are right now.

I have no wants or needs, and I am grateful for that


I want a stable life, so i can be a good enough mum, daughter and friend and show my small circle of loved ones kindness. Be there for them.


My goal is to be as productive as I can so I don’t have to think so much about my illness.


My goal is to have goals.


@sketch_with_me you should think of a career as a designer, you are really talented.

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what kind of designer ???

Graphic designer. It’s a really broad field you can design anything as a graphic designer. I was a self taught graphic designer. I loved it.

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i want to draw anime or sci fi

You can go the school route or just learn to draw anime really good. Study and create a portfolio of work to find a job. But it takes a lot of work. School or self taught.

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i dont know how to draw every day

I got an offer to study International Relations at my hometown University

My goal is to start the course, and stay the entire course till graduation

If I can do that, I’ll be a very happy person

Should be able to tell within the first month

My goal is to keep.hanging on until Sep-363856 or KarXT is released