What is your favorite car

My favorite car is the Lamborgini aventador svj.



A Corvette.15 char

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2020 corvette. Poor man’s Ferrari.

Delorean. I love that whole stainless steel bit and the gullwing doors.

1958 Porsche convertible

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I like 4x4 Jeeps, Lexus 2020 RX 450h L Hybrid:

I don’t care about types of cars in the slightest. Just as long as they work and a friend is offering me a lift that’s good.

My '66 Chevy Malibu Chevelle. My first car.

Ahh cars my favourite car is what gets me from a to b my bro is obsessed with cars I never understand

Dodge Viper :smiley:

For a combination of fun and daily driving I would choose the Honda Civic Type R

The favorite car I’ve owned would be the NB Mazda Miata. I don’t have a make pretend favorite car. Sorry.

My own Chrysler pt cruiser.

the first car I had at 20. :joy:
Sorry that’s off topic.

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1969 corvette stingray

I like this Lexus it’s grey and one of my favorite colors for a car.

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A corvette 2020 c8 grey
The best car of the year!!!

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Nice, but I think it would be better looking without the spoiler. They just seem tacky to me. I like a good aerodynamic aesthetic.

I really want a new model Supra. Way out of my price range though. One can dream :star_struck:

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