What are your favorite types of cars?

I love cars. Not really a motor head. It aint so much about power and I don’t all of the terms, but I like the style. I can respect the intricacy and work that has gone into each car. 1000s of components whole factories reconfigured each year.

My favorite company all in all would be Volvo(Translates to “I roll”). Had a turbo 760 wagon myself for a while there and man it was a total POS. Would have been a nice car. Was fast as hell for a wagon, 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. Made the right amount of noise. Mine was black with Gold wheels and chrome details. Was a head turner. Used to deliver my sandwiches out of that ■■■■.

Apparently the 850s were even better cars. They were newer and were front wheel drive. Had turbo options available.

Newer volvos are pretty nice as well. Good company, they’ve done a lot to progress car tech.

I’d have to say that Jeep is another good company. The only grand cherokees (think they ran from 93 to 98) have a signature look to them. Now they’re making a new iteration each year. They seem to get more luxurious and expensive. My mom got herself locked into a lease with one. The thing is a beast, but seems like every 2 or 3 months is starts making a new sound because something is starting to faill.(I think it’s a 2013) At least it’s all under warranty.

Currently I drive 1999 Lexus. It’s a lot like a toyota camry but it’s got all the bells and whistles. I’m pretty pleased with it but if I had my choice out of all cars I’d have probably chose something else. It is reliable, smooth, efficient, comfortable.

Gotta mention Tesla motors. Real exciting to see what will happen with them. The company seems to operate in real time. From announcement to product it seems to move quickly. They’ve also got the resources to make the electric thing work in some areas.

If you at all like seeing how cars are put together, take a look at the Model S. It’s ■■■■■■■ brilliant. (I want one) I have seen two rolling around in my town.

But yeah I’m not a fan of your typical cars (mustangs, comaros, sporty/muscle cars).

Subaru is a good company. Honda is the ■■■■. Toyota is good.

There are the classic euro companies. BMW Audi VW Mercedes they’ve all got some good cars but they can be expensive and tough maintain. Volvo wins out over all of those in my mind.

Top gear is a great show. Might justify me getting a netflix account.

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts.

I like BMW and Mercedes Benz

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I’ve owned 7 different cars in my lifetime. My first car was my favorite, a Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, I had a LOT of good times in that car, unfortunately I drank a lot of beer and smoked a lot of pot while driving about town. It was unpainted and had no seatbelts! But I’ve owned a couple of Cadillac’s, a Honda, A Toyota, !964 Ford Station Wagon a Datsun, and my current car which is another Chevy.

As a matter of fact, I am trading my car to my step-mom for her Intrepid on Labor Day. I used to work on cars a little. I’ve pulled a few engines with my friends, I’ve put on a new head gasket on my Station Wagon. I used
to change my spark plug wires and spark plugs, I could do a couple of other things.

After I got out of the hospital I worked in a small company and my boss used to lend me his BMW to drive around in.

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I am stangalicious.

That would not be easy. Gotta keep up on those water pumps. Both my volvo and my jeep bit the dust dude to blown head gaskets.

Yeah, it was difficult. It was hard scraping the old one off and when the bolts needed to be put back on, they needed to be tightened just perfect with a torque wrench.

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Try this link for BBC - search top gear on this site - I don’t know if you mean USA top gear - but you might be able to get UK top gear - it’s free so cheaper than netflix

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Thanks. The UK one is better by far. Them dudes are funny. Europe is the heartland of good cars.

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I have no car at this time. I do not really need one because our public transportation is very good and, of course, I can ride bicycles when I get one. In my life time I have had many autos: Volkswagen Beetle, Volvo 240 DL, Madza 626, Opel Corsa and Toyota Aygo. I did live in this Mazda 626 in America over two years and traveled in many places from Miami to San Francisco to New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, back to Miami and Key West and so on. Eventually I shipped this Mazda 626 from Miami to Antwerp, Belgium and had planned to drive it from Belgium to Helsinki, Finland but discovered at the port of Antwerp that this was not possible after asking two Belgian police people about this adventure and so I shipped the auto from Belgium to Helsinki and traveled by trains and a ship to Helsinki by myself.

Yeah I wasn’t even going to attempt to make a fix like that. Did change a water pump once.

Basically bricks the car when the head gasket goes out. Lot of work/towing and room for error.

I feel the worst about the jeep. I had no clue what I was doing back then. Thing was a champ until the pump went out and within a few days the check engine light was on. (Still didn’t stop me) Then it was done.

I wish I could find one of those. Perfect apocalypse car.

I seem to remember that you could tell if your head gasket needed replacing because the (heads?) valve cover would be leaking pressure. You unscrew a spark plug and insert this little device that measures pressure.

HMmmm… Well I know when your coolant is mixing with the oil it’s definitely ■■■■■■.

Yes, that’s true.

I like the bugs a lot, but I don’t know much about cars.

My parents get Buicks a lot.

I think Volvo was real big in the late 80’s cuz I guy I knew had one, but I think it was more like a fancy station wagon.

I really liked the mini coopers, especially in mint but a couple of months ago, I went and test drove one, it didn’t feel right and it’s too expensive for nothing. Now I have a Nissan Juke. It’s red. I really like it. I don’t understand much about cars though, I need something reasonable, and something that won’t cause any problems in the snow. I use public transportation whenever I can.

Interesting choice.

Yeah minis are alright, super expensive. They’ve got the 4 door ones now.

There is also fiat. And… It was some other Italian car that was making a comeback. ■■■■ can’t remember. Ah Abarth. They’re all expensive though.

The Nissan looks like it’d be fun to drive. Also seems safe and all that.

yeah it’s a really cute car. If I move to a warmer country, I’m gonna get a convertible.

Im obsessed with muscle cars. Especially mustangs. Im gonna buy the new mustang when its released in Australia later in the year. Ive always owned ford cars. I buy ford falcons. Just keep getting upgraded models. The falcon is australian car

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My neighbor had a 1970 Ford Falcon. They’re basically like Mustangs, but made more as a family car.

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