What is your favorite butterfly

Mine is ‘keisarinviitta’, ‘Argynnis paphia’, ‘Silver-washed Fritillary’, I have three of these in my 32-year old collection. I was then 14-15 years old.


I dont have a particular favorite I like butterflies for their spiritual symbolism


My favorite is the monarch butterfly.


I like your new butterfly avatar :smiley:

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Yuck, I really don’t like bugs. Especially ones with huge wings. They give b=me the heebey-jeebeys.

I also like the Monarch butterfly. It travel far and only lay it eggs on milkweed. I have some milkweed growing for them on my place.

From the country Ridgerunner


Some of these little blue wings are also beautiful :smile:


I have something similar around lately, and black swallowtails. What is the U.S. butterfly that looks almost like that one?

I found it…Great Spangled Fritillary

Anyways… these

these are really cool too and i have these around, easy to mix up with the female black swallowtails unless you see them close…

This is a lorquin’s admiral. One landed on my shoulder while camping last year and since then it has always been special to me.

When I was a kid my brother and I would often see buck-eyes on heaps of dirt + junk. They were very common. With the wings folded they’re a drab gray-brown. When open circles of color.

Can’t get the picture.


I’ve had a Luna moth on my window now since last night…it’s been there all day same spot. It’s alive but looks like it has a slightly damaged wing…

Does that count for this thread seeing as it’s a moth?

Oh, cool…
“Intuition, psychic perception, spiritual awareness, and transformation…”
all aspects of the Luna moth…

yes. Thanks. I think the luna moth counts as a butterfly. It transcends mothdom. Maybe it’s sleeping and will move tonight.

This is also beautiful, The Small Emperor Moth, I have two of these. I gave one away as a Christmas gift 11 years ago to my cousin who then later built a very beautiful house.

How Butterfly Wings Can Inspire New High-Tech Surfaces

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A South American butterfly flapped its wings, and caused a flurry of nanotechnology research to happen in Ohio.


When I was 15 in Finland I used to study butterfly and moth wings with my microscope. I know that these are water resistant. Then I tried to recolor wings but I was unsuccessful, because wings are so complex and full of scales. I do have one moth whose wings I recolored. This was in 1982 and now they are having serious efforts to study these wings with their microscopes and then try to apply butterfly/moth features in nanotech industries. One could also study butterfly/moth antennas and how these work etc.

I like the small copper, it’s quite common where we live. I also like the Adonis blue. The only place I get to see more exotic butterflies is in our local butterfly barn, I used to love it there, maybe I can convince mum to go :blush:!

Finally…of all things an Emperor moth…Not that specific one, but this…
It appeared on my window at 11:11 PM the night my wife died…

It’s wings were fully extended so the eyes were slanted, not drooping like that. It is the only one i have ever seen…

“Moth shows us the ability to transform, to change, to develop ourselves in accordance with our current situation and future ideals. Do not be afraid of the shadows or the darkness for remember, it is only in these that we can find light.”

“Moth asks that we put our fears and limitations aside and speak to Spirit without expectation.” : “Animal Dreaming”, Scott Alexander King.

“To gain your wings, you need to sacrifice the caterpillar of self. Pause for a while.”

Metamorphosis, Optimism, Opportunity, Self-transformation…

Moths in general are sometimes considered a death omen…

Strangely, Emperor moths are also a symbol of courtship…

Luna, in the meantime, is STILL on my window, and alive…same spot…

PS: Are Emperors only found in the UK because that is what I am finding…however this one was in the U.S.

I’ve never seen one of these for real, but I’ve been fascinated by the Glasswinged Butterfly…

But my favorite is the Blue Morpho

Wings shut and wings open

Some of these hawk moths fly also during the day. They are like colibris.