Moths in boxes

I have hundreds of butterflies and moths I collected in the beginning of the 1980s, over 30 years ago. These are in boxes like this. When I was a teenager I used to study wings with my microscope and today they try to develop some nanotechnology applications for waterproof surfaces.

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Wow, that’s pretty cool. It must have taken hours to collect and preserve them. Are they pinned in the shadowboxes or how are they held in place?

Very thin pins, each butterfly and moth has a small paper under them with the date and the location, when and where these were taken, I spent all summers to collect them, I had my own light and other traps I used to catch them, moths are especially attracted to some light frequencies and they smell sweet liquids which is one way to collect them. It was a lot of fun.

Do you still collect them? It sounds like an interesting hobby to get back into.

I just store them now, I am living in the city and it is impossible to collect them now, because one must be in the countryside to catch them, it is an excellent hobby and I learned a lot in my teens. Some people travel to exotic places such as Amazon to collect them, some moths are more beautiful than butterflies, but people do not know this. I have always wanted to catch this moth.

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There are also laws in different countries to protect some butterflies because these are endangered such as this beautiful butterfly.


I grew some tomatoes one time just to get that fat green spotted tomato worm.
I put it in a jar with leaves from the plant and watched it as it shrunk into a brown cocoon with a “jug handle” loop. After many months out popped a brown moth.:angry: don’t Know what I expected.

We have some caterpillars just eating one of our gardens to nothing, but there are more cocoons popping up and the thing is… we all know they are Monarch butterflies. So in mid-August… it’s going to be a feast of black and orange.

I don’t mind the worms eating a little, but I’m not putting out a banquet!
Have you ever petted one of those worms? They feel like a slightly deflated balloon-Fun!

Now I can’t wait to go back to the park and touch one. My sis used to chase furry caterpillars. She could slowly wander the back yard for hours watching where a caterpillar would go.

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There is a designated habitat nearby where these little Karner Blue Butterflies live. I’ve yet to see one around though.

I just saw this guy on FB.
Attacus atlas - the largest moth in the world.

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It’s wing tips look like eagle’s heads.



I have a real moths story… the night my wife died i was talking to someone on the phone and looked at the window and there was a huge moth, maybe 4 - 5" wingspan on the window, and it had markings in its wings like eyes. It looked almost identical to the tatoo in the pic below as far as the eyes go…slanted and kinda evil looking.
I did a google search for moths with eye markings and have never found a photo of the exact moth.
I know some people view moths appearing like that as an omen of death, and others believe its a sign from the deceased loved one.
All i know is i saw it and watched it for several minutes and it only flew away when i went over and tapped on the glass. I’ve lived here over 8 years and never saw a moth like that before or after…
the eye part looked like this, and the wings were mainly brown-grey with black lines.