What is your ass attitude?

Do you frown when someone lets a fart?
Do you scowl when you enter a smelly bathroom?
Do you complain when someone doesn’t flush the toilet (just to show off)?
If so, you may be suffering from BAD ASS ATTITUDE.
only one remedy known to man - a change of heart. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s funny :joy:


Don’t say it doesn’t happen - even about adults.

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Haha I giggle at most of these things. Except the flushed toilet. When someone doesn’t flush a public toilet, that’s just rude.

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this is the best thing i’ve seen all day
thank you

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Maybe the flusher wasn’t working.

I give credit to people who at least tried, and have the decency to warn me that the flusher is broken.

I was thinking home toilets. Mama can come along and do the flushing. True, a public toilet would be different.

Kids forgetting to flush is fine. They just need to be reminded to go back and do it. But heaven help any adult who doesn’t flush when able in my house.


I drink water all day. If I flushed every time I peed I’d have a huge water bill. But if it’s poop :poop: I always flush

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That’s practical. We have out own well.

You have your own well? That’s cool

I try to leave a room before farting when there are people about, but sometimes let out exhaust as I move. :laughing:

We used to have a saying
If its yellow let it mellow. If its brown flush it down.

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