Farting disapproval

How do you teach a kid that farting is impolite without making sim feel like you’re rejecting sizz body?

Tell him to let er rip

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But wasn’t that greeted with all kinds of negativity?

You fart louder to assert dominance.


It’s a natural need.

I dunno. I think I’d try to explain that farting in public is bad. But you probably have to be a certain age to understand.

I was walking by some neighbors and cut a loud one. Made me smile actually.

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I hate that feeling when you’re about to fart and you’re not sure if its a fart or a sh!t.

Lol Aziz… And @BrianTex

My mum does a lot of farting and it’s like wet farts. It’s kind of unpleasant but idk she has some digestive things going on. Still nasty nvt. Especially cos she doesn’t say excuse me she just laughs.

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My two year old ripped a massive burp when we were out to dinner in a very small quiet room full of people. the waitress whipped round to stare :joy:

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