What is this symptom?

Whenever I sleep at night … right before I sleep right at that moment a muscle on my face tightens up only for a second or two , it also alters my breathing pattern and when I open my eyes this symptom vanishes. This happens four five times before I get to sleep normally.

So what could this be?

That’s a weird symptom. I dunno what that is but that has to be annoying.

Can it be a seizure epilepsy or something?

Epilepsy sounds like kind of a leap to diagnosis considering how mild a seizure it would be considered. My question would be : Why does this only happen when you are just getting to sleep?

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" Myoclonic means ‘muscle jerk’. Muscle jerks are not always due to epilepsy (for example, some people have them as they fall asleep)."

This sure sounds like you since you have it as you fall asleep…it’s not epilepsy it sounds like though.


Thanks a lot it helps.

I will also ask my pdoc about it.

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I have the same issue ,it’s call tardrive dyskinesia my muscle twitch involuntarily from time to time

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No it’s not tardive dyskinesia.

I asked my pdoc a couple of hours ago… it’s called hypnagogic jerk he said nothing to worry.

I have myoclonus as well, my whole body jerks 2 or 3 times whenever im about to fall asleep. Nothing to be frightened of.

Dystonia? Have you talked to a neurologist?

I think you are referring to hypnagogic jerk no?

I asked my pdoc he said it’s hypnagogic jerk. I googled it and it’s true. What’s dystonia?

You are right, but i think hypnagogic jerk is a special kind of myoclonic jerk?
Or I might just be a jerk :smiley:

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Being a jerk is better than having these jerks. :wink::grin:

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I find, that i have a bit of tardive dyskinesia from the meds too right before sleep… But if your doc said its not this, ok… Meds are hard on our bodies i find, all kind of jerks like this, yeap.
All the best!

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