Seizures or medication

What does a seizure feel like? I was shaking my neck up and down but I was concious if that my whole upper body was half asleep but shaking my whole body above my chest. It didn’t hurt but what was that

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You need a dr to tell you. We don’t know how to diagnose

It could be a seizure, it could be a lot of things. Please go to a doctor right away, because sudden involuntary movements is a symptom of several very serious issues.


It’s never enough. Ever.

Yes go to a doctor, it might be a “myoclonic jerk” / myoclonus, especially if you were half a sleep. I have them every night, and they are not dangerous.

I had a seizure three weeks ago, with cramps and loss of consciousness, concussion, blood all over my head, was in the hospital for 24 hours and have to go to a specialist. Probably a PNES seizure

“Myoclonus is a term that means muscles are rapidly contracting and relaxing. Myoclonic seizures are epileptic seizures that are characterized by abnormal muscle jerking on both sides of the body at the same time. The movements usually involve the neck, shoulders, and upper arms.”

Myoclonus can be sideeffect from your medicine.

That sucks. I’ve been on all of them basically this one is the best so far

Don’t worry - if it’s myoclonus ti isn’t dangerous, its very normal even for non medicated people.

Stay on your drugs if it helps.

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