What is the worst symptom you have had?

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What is the worst symptom you have ever had from APs.

Mine is definately that restlesness from akathisia when i was on olanzapine.

What about u ?

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Weight gain, I know that’s really shallow, but that’s the one I hate the most.


Low Libido, I would swop it for restlessness any day of the week.

Rebound psychosis.
Emotional numbness.

Chronic paranoia and delusions.

My worst symptom are voices.

Super high prolactin. It’s still high but slowly
coming down. I need to have it checked again but yeah before the aripiprazole my prolactin was 2000

Restlessness on respiridone.

Thought broadcasting, paranoia, and delusions…I have a lot of different delusions.

Voices 15155151515

Geodon made me extremely physically ill. To the point that I got sent to the emergency room 3 times before I switched to latuda. I’ve never been that sick before and the people in the emergency room were very quick to blame it on my mental illness

Hey guys i meant the worst side effects from the medication.

Sorry i should have made it clearer lol

Lol. Now I deleted my first comment.
Weight gain fore

Low blood pressure from clozapine. I was fainting and falling down all the time.

The weight gain…


Sometimes it’s poverty of speech
But not sure if that’s from meds
Or just the illness.

I also want to say
Restricted throat
I do quite a bit of choking

hmm…forced errections and muscle/ nerve spasms

Insomnia from invega and mania from antidepressants.

Anxiety and restlessness.