Worst side effect of meds?

Hey guys, as above thoughts? Mine is the weight gain!

It’s really hard for me to lose weight. In the past I would lose a little weight then gain it all back and more and keep doing that. So far on my new vegan diet I lost almost a pound in just four days. I hope it keeps up.


weight gain, sexual dysfunction, heart palpitations, high prolactin

My fear is the side effects we can’t see. Stuff happening internal. Slow damage to the body.

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The following over and injuring myself.

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Weight gain, overproduction of saliva, wanting to sleep a lot…the worst is the potential side effect of agranulocytosis (gotta get regular blood work to check for that).

Small penis, man boobz/milk and no willpower/motivation.

Also hair loss and weight gain, no energy, no emotions, etc

When I tried risperidone, my head constantly bobbed up and down. I got off it right away

Weight gain… mini seizures…
The fainting when i was on seroquel

Always tired… losing memory

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nocturnal emissions. dont get me wrong the dreams are a hell of an experience, the waking up with splooge in underwear and having to clean up is not so fun tho

weight gain is much worse considering it can shorten life. the sleep splooge is the most annoying thing tho

Weight gain, sexual dysfunction, oculogyric crisis, spending spree, high sex drive, akathisia, tardive dyskinesia etc.

fatigue and arms and neck moving on their own or partially paralyzed

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I would take weight gain over blunted emotions any time.

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Sexual side effects for me. I haven’t experienced weight gain with Geodon.

Edit: weight gain would be a problem.

I hate feeling tired and having to sleep so much.

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So your BMI is normal range? I am thinking of switching to geodonn

Yes, my bmi is in the normal range.