What is the therapeutic dose for lamotrigine?

I’m taking 25, also how long does it take effect?

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I’m talking better and feel better. I also took l-theanine. I hope there is no interaction!

What time of day is best?

100mg to 200mg a day - therapeutic doses

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What do lower doses do?

Where’d you get that figure?

Lower doses can be used - under 100mg but for mood stabilization against depression and mania, doses 100 to 200 is usually used as the starting effective dose range.

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I take 250 mg split in two doses morning and night.

I’m on 200 2x/day.

Yeah, but where did you hear that? Doc? WebMD?

It’s time to find a new PDOC for you.

I’ve known this for a long time.
Listen to your doctor.

How long does the effect last in 24 hours?

I couldn’t tolerate doses over 25mg.
Made me too anxious/hypomanic.

This is from the NIH/NIMH. It says that the lowest effective dose for lamotrigine is 100 mg/day


What about for mania long term? @anon17132524

Why don’t you ask your doctor?
No offense.

He doesn’t always know or will dismiss me.

He sees a lot of folk everyday. Stress.

Probably 200mg to 400mg

I take 200 mg of lamotrigine 2X/day. I’ve been on it for years, and my pdoc has never mentioned a time when I’ll stop taking the medication.

You have to start at very low dose to see if you have an allergic reaction to the med (aka Lamictal Rash).

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What side effects do you get?

How low of a dose to start? I’m at 25.

25 is a starter dose.
I started lower at 12.5.

Like @anon17132524 mentioned, you have to go up very slowly with Lamotrigine or you can risk getting the Lamictal rash.

Side effects vary but I got anxious on Lamictal.

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