What is the power of sorry,please and thank you?

What is the power of sorry,please and thank you?

You know I’d like to think there is some significance in such things as owning up enough to say “I’m sorry” or importance in being polite (which I am)

But after such exchanges as recently apologizing to a police officer I felt in the way of when passing through a door what I got in response is “I’m not sorry bud!” Yeah. Or gently honking my horn to someone backing up just to let them know I was there and only ending up having verbal abuse hurled at me…

I don’t know…just need to vent.

i dont know, Lol. Feeling sorry of being yourself and talking to other people?

I find being polite makes all the difference in the world in how others react to me.
I can always become more assertive if necessary, but most times it isn’t needed.
You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Can I ask you a question? Do people use these words I’m India and atound Asia? I think saying please , thank you is very cultural thing too. I know that being Indian although my family in India do not use these words often they show their appreciation and gratitude in other ways.

I think that the point was about being polite.

I’m Canadian…

@MrSquirrel and I say sorry when we bump into lamposts, and say thank you to ATM machines.


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