What is the meaning of these terms?

What do you mean by " positive symptoms" and " negative symptoms"?

Positive symptoms are-

Voices, delusions, hallucinations…etc.

Negative symptoms-

Trouble showering, shaving, sleeping, eating properly, socializing…etc.

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Think as “+” or “-“ symptoms rather than good or bad


In schizophrenia, typically five things are missing that are desired and five things are present that are not wanted. The things that are present but not wanted are called positive symptoms. Positive symptoms I have include hallucinations and delusions, Things that are missing that are desired are called negative symptoms. I claim that my lack of curiosity, motivation and interest in sex are negative symptoms.


it’s depression too, right, Jay? I mean the negative symptoms.



Depression and negative symptoms look similar. It is important to get them correct because the treatment for depression is different than the treatment for negative symptoms. Over medication also sometimes looks like either depression or negative symptoms.

If its like my mental health team - they wont give a toss about the negatives.

Im left to deal with it, and then they have the cheek to wonder why i dont even get dressed for days. Whats the point - im never out the flat, not these past few weeks anyway.


yeah I hear ya. My pdoc recently upped my anti-depressant.

this site here promotes Saracosine, or something.

idk, sometimes I’m good at kicking it in gear, not always though, ha.

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Don’t worry. You look ok in pajamas


Positive symptoms add something - like a delusion or a hallucination

Negative symptoms take something away - like avolition (lack of motivation) or reduced emotions

Cognitive symptoms affect things like memory, learning, and executive function


I suffer from depression as well a s negative and positive symptoms.

For depression, I take a large dose of Wellbutrin.

.For negative symptoms, I take a subclincal dose of Trazadone.

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