What is the hospital/psych ward really like?

Based on your experience what was your hospital stay really like? Was it frightening or pleasant ?

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It’s like jail light.

Very scheduled, very monitored, not much to do.

It’s not so bad if you behave.


Neither frightening nor pleasant. It’s like goldenrex said, mostly just boring. …until they come at you with a forced injection…pin you down with like 6 guys and all :grimacing:

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The first time I thought it was torture. Long story.

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Boring as all hell. Putting up with people far more unwell then you and chain smoking.

Not been in one for years now. Due to shortage of beds and me being adamant i recover better at home, during a crisis i just get phone support and a good supply of drugs when im ill.

Suits me fine.

It was amazing first time round cos I was still unmedicated. Second time round was crap as they medicated me plus positive symptoms hung around. Sux. I got fat that time.

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For me it was a bit frightening, because I was really paranoid. I thought the other patients in there were dangerous. I was really afraid.


My roommate was a prisoner. He stole my new 150$ Nike shoes so I told security, they brought me them back. A naked guy came to our room after midnight but my roommate yelled at him and he backed up.

one time there i fell in love and we did it

A girl wanted to do it with me many times at night but I said no. I don’t feel comfortable doing it with a stranger or in public especially when we are both out of our mind. I was lucky to not have a kid from my gf.

It was terrible, whenever I think about hospital I feel scared

good 4 u…we were well in ourselves at the time

Its really boring, but other then that its ok.

The first time there, I had a roommate who farted non-stop and I also sung Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” on the bathroom floor… Make of that what you will.

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I’ve Been to Facilities Many, Many Times. (I Was Even Offered a Job to Be a Test Specimen).

But I Declined The Offer. Even With The Cash Staring at Me.

But Honestly, I Can Remember When You Could Smoke Seven Times a Day on Schedule.

Gone Now.

But, Snacks Three Times a Day. Television. Radio. Showers. And Blood Tests. That’s All.

Oh!, And Three Meals a Day.

You Can Hang Out, Play Board Games. Write Notes. Drink Coffee (No Caffeine).

Exchange Phone Numbers.

Stare at The Police Officer Sitting in a Chair. (Stare Like a Confused Frog).

Complain to The Nurses About How You’re Ready to Go Home. (As They Say, Be Patient).

It’s Jus Boring Once You Get Through The Paranoia.

Although I’m Always Mesmerized By Everyone Else Staying There.

When My Parents Were Still Alive I Remember Their Visits. Once a Week. Bringing Smokes.

I Miss Them More Than Anything.

And I Really Enjoy Freedom.

So I Dunno, Maybe it’s a Strange Psychological Adjustment in a Confusing Strange World.

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You have no other family member to talk to?
I am lucky to have 2 brothers.

Any time I have been in one I’m outcast as the odd one, an everyone avoids me , even the doctors and nurses. I always wind up not getting the help I need from them nor do I get any emotional support form anyone in there as well.

Wish I Could Say That I Did.

My Entire Family Threw Me Away.

I Am a Ghost to Actual Freaks. As They Are Scrambling to Find Blame on Me.

When I Have Done Absolutely Nothing Wrong to Any of Them.

It’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And They Are The Monsters.

N e Hoo.

The Whole Subject Has Gotten Boring.

Patiently Waiting For an Apartment. (Long Story).

Almost There!.

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Good luck, I hope you find one soon.

Corona Virus

Almost There.