What is the difference between behavioral and mental health

I think I know but could someone help…

It’s the same thing. What difference does itmake?

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I think it is a topic in discussion in unusual beliefs.
I want to know because I have a problem with both.

Mental=thought processes, behavioral=actions

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thank you that’s right I see now


Interesting, my medical group calls it Behavioral Health.

That’s where all the therapists and phDs and pdocs hang out.

Same here. I see my therapist and pdoc at a “behavioural health and counseling clinic” so I think behavioural and mental health are kinda the same thing

Behavioral Health is a softer term for Mental Health.
It’s the same thing.
Insurance Companies use Behavioral Health a lot.

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It’s probably a difference of semantics or emphasis more than anything else.

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is there a difference? I don’t like the term behavioral health… it makes it sound like im doing this on purpose or because I don’t know any better… not that mental health sounds much better… but I cant think of any better terms so I cant complain…much…

I think it’s called Behavioral Health when you act in a negative way or your behaviors become a problem to others due to your Mental issues.

Mental health is when it’s your own problem that affects mostly you.

I think behavioral is using your problems as a excuse for bad behavior so mostly related.