Anyone heard the term ‘mental hygiene’?

I think it means trying to stay positive and ‘wash’ away unhelpful thoughts. Think it might be mindfulness but am not sure what that is.

Sounds like a Nazi sterilisation program


Yeah I know what you mean. I don’t think I am describing it well.

It’s fine. I just thought it sounded like a weird term and never heard it used before!

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I think it’s a term used by normies. It’s a wishy washy term as far as I’m concerned.


Lol interesting expression if that’s to do with meditation

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I read the phrase in a tweet by the dalai llama so apologies if this is too religious. I thought it was more to do with non-spiritual meditation

They use it in the health system in New York state. I thought it was an odd term.


They use it here in West Virginia state too.

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