What is the current protocol: suicide

is it or is it not put in the newspaper, and on the local news?

I’m getting nothing, are you guys?

except maybe an obit, and then they don’t even say it!

here sometimes they talk about murder/suicide on the news. Like where somebody kills their family and then themselves.

yeah, us too. maybe the prevention measure is not give people ideas. idk. it’s so taboo.

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yea it’s prob for prevention measure indeed. when they talk about it on the news here they always say the crisis lines also.

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it gets back to the worst word in the dictionary: Shame.

but at Molly’s, there was up to 300 people there, a service for her.

it may or may not have gotten better about talking about it.

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but you sure will hear about a car crash victim at no fault of their own.

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I don’t think it is anybody’s business what someone dies of. It’s nothing but sensationalism to list it outside of the family.

that’s not true. Everybody wants to know, and it gets around.

Not all of us enjoy tragedy porn.

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