The taboo subject

Why is suicide a touchy taboo even mystical thing. I don’t want to trigger anybody so if this is too edgy please don’t read forward. But i brought it up today in philosophy and everyone looked at me like “did he just say that?” Like we’ve talked about incest, consented gladiatorial contests (fights to the death), and slavery. But if you bring up suicide in the context of it shouldn’t be viewed as a moral horrible wrong then you get weird looks. Maybe even not talking about it hurts society in some way because it happens about every minute. Its just odd to me. Maybe others don’t understand. Still what doesn’t make sense is how you can talk about things such as fights to the death for money and not talk about suicide. You can make fun of it (futurama suicide machine) but you can’t talk about it. Im not saying its a good thing just wondering why is it viewed if attempted that person is then some type of monster?

Not much to talk about if your suicidal you need help.

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I mean in a philosophical stand point not if you actually are. I agree if you are you do need help.

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It’s not so taboo if brought up in the right setting, like on this site. A lot of people on here contemplate suicide, and it might help them to know they’re not alone.

Suicide usually only makes sense to the person who did it,
and the rest are left to ask questions that will never be answered.


To add why if attempted and you failed and your still living are you viewed as some sort of leper to society. Doesn’t that only make the situation worse?

Because at the end of the day, I understand where you are coming from with suicide being a way out and many people do.
But you need to understand - like many other things you listed there is coming back from what you said.
What I mean is - someone could do the unspeakable to another person but not kill them, there is coming back from that things can change even though damage has been done and lives can go on.

When suicide happens, life ceases to move forward and those around the person and drawn behind and dragged along like it’s nothing you effect every person you ever knew or meet or spoke to when you leave this world a lot of people are here for once chance only, one life only if that life goes you are no longer around thus meaning that if you die everything you knew and had and held and eveyone you knew are left behind.

Suicide in some cases, is plausible. but for many people just going through depression of schiz or even bullying by others they can pull through it and move on. It’s really bad to take your own life it can change a lot of things but it happens to some people it’s actually probably just as bad as getting murdered.

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In the winter I had suicidal thoughts. I had various ideas of what I was going to do. But those thoughts dissapeared in may. Suicidal thoughts are thoughts. Just don’t act on them.

It’s definitely an uncomfortable subject to talk about for most people.

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Yeah I get you. It could be discussed on the philosophical level, and it was. I think that Albert Camus wrote something about it in the Myth of Sisyphus.
But…you know…for people already prone to self harm or severely depressed…I don’t see benefits of such discussion.
But yeah it goes right on the top of society’s black list.

Yea it is a topic that should be discussed on a philosophical level. Though I came off as a crazy person today in class. They’ll probably forget but still. I’ve been in a slump this past weekend and we were talking about moral wrongs that should be legal and I said suicide, so I probably came off as some crazy person. I didn’t even mean to say it just kind of blurted it out. I regret saying it.

California just approved assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. It is the sixth state to do such a thing. Seemed relevant.

Well I blurted out something a little more extreme quoting myself I said “you should be able to walk into a gun store and say “I’m done”” It came from an extreme state of stress from school and a lack of social release and I regret saying it because now I probably look crazy to everyone in that class. I just haven’t been able to ventilate my stress for a while.

Nope, its a normies issues and their stupid conventions.
You did nothing wrong.

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Because people tend to ignore things they don’t like in the hope they’ll go away.


Not all self killings are an immoral thing.

Some are though.

Inescapable suffering is a great reason to end it and it isn’t immoral and should never be blacklisted. These people should even be assisted so they don’t have to gash themselves open or hang like a criminal. It shouldn’t only be offered to the terminal either, some things are worse than death and they aren’t terminal so people should do the math on that one.

And if people cared in the least they’d probably try and prevent suicide by not ■■■■■■■ over almost everyone in their societies for life. Can’t call it taboo if the way you do things causes it so much can you?

It is a mind boggling topic… it’s also tied up with a lot of religious baggage… no one likes to think about it… talking about it…

It scares a lot of people. Many people fear death anyway… so to go where your not invited… it’s hard thing for many people to fathom.

There are groups out there in the world who are trying to start a dialogue about suicide… helping the survivors cope… how to start looking at it without the knee jerk panic…

I used to go to a support group… and when suicide got brought up… it seemed like nearly everyone in the room lost someone to suicide.

Lots of pain and unanswered questions in that topic.

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I think its “touchy” because it can cause so much pain for everyone around the person. While the person may not realize it - it causes a huge and permanent scar on all those around him or her. Its a very painful experience.

People who are considering suicide need help. Things get better.

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I read the thread title as the tattoo subject

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I know that one… when I woke up in hospital after my near exit… I could see first hand how much I hurt my family… it was a biggie…

it wasn’t like having them mad at me or disappointed and sad… they were in shock. My kid sis is the one who found me… that moment still haunts her.

All the time… I find myself wishing I never did it.

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Well if youre an atheist or naturalist, if you die you lose both the ability to experience the good sides of life as well as the bad sides of life.
If you believe in a religion(basically all), you will end up in some sort of torture place or a lesser existence(even worse experience than this life).

Either way youre going to lose more than you gain.

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