What is the best treatment for Depression ? I have it

What is the best treatment for Depression ? I have it.

Several months ago I used Selegiline 50 mg everyday and it freed me from depression and gave me a new lease of life. My life changed completely but at that does it’s toxic so I had to quit.

Rasagiline is next to Selegiline research but not effective against depression.

We don’t have Parnate in India.
Please don’t recommend SSRI or SNRI… they simply don’t work enough, atleast not for everybody and not to mention side-effects.

Selegiline is the best but I can’t use it. And Parnate which is recommended higher than Selegiline is not available in India.


Sweet sweet cuddles with loving female human works amazingly well for me when I can get it. Nothing sexual human contact works wonders for the brain.

Meditation, Introspection, Exercise, Good Diet. Medications, Hobbies, Music,

Realizing that everything is temporary even feelings and thinking about Neuroplasticity and trying to learn new behaviors.


Perfect answer but the ideal answer would be… which medication ???

Ahh it just gets really complicated. Most antidepressants are supposed to be roughly equal in efficacy, but some treat certain kinds of depression very well.

Rasagiline (Azilect): This drug functions as an MAOI with irreversible inhibition properties. It is often used in treatment during the onset of Parkinson’s disease. It affects the inhibition of MAO-B up to 14x that of MAO-A. It has been documented as having neuroprotective effects and was created as a result of possible neurotoxicity resulting from the drug Selegiline.


I take Wellbutrin, seems to work.

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A combination of Latuda and lithium eliminated my depression, but now I have to get off of Latuda so I guess I’ll be playing the med change game.
I’m schizoaffective though, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

I hope you feel better.

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I don’t know what medication helps.

I’ve been on few that didn’t help.

Sweet loving,positive encouragement, understanding,comfort,kindness … I think these things help and if everyone else is doing opposite to ya then try giving yourself this.and if you can’t then keep da faith.

Hope you feel better soon .

Rexulti is very good for depression; however it is probably not available in India.

Exercise and sex, ask a girl out their if she wants your dick dipped in curry

My bad! If I come across one that works for me I’ll share it with the forums.:grin: