What is the best and worst purchases you've ever made?

My best purchase was a used Nintendo Wii. I really love playing tennis and some games that use Wii Mote.

My worst purchase was Google Chromecast. It only works if you’re connected to the internet. I realized it just later. Neither Amazon Prime works with it. It would be a much better if i had bought a Beelink GT1.

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I once bought gum with the money I steals from my parenrs, like 15 dollars, I was 7. The best and worst

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I was beaten after than

My best purchase was definitely my car. I have pack bonded with him and he was my home when I had nowhere else to go.

Worst purchase? Probably the $800 ambulance ride I was forced to pay for when my doctor committed me because I told her I’d had a panic attack the previous day.


I’m my country the ambulance is free, even they come to your house to check yourself if you call them and they don’t necessarily take you to hospital if is not necessarily

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That must be nice.

The insurance is like 20 a month and you get all the Benefit’s. Checking in. Hospital/medicamentetiom/food/counseling… But the hospital looks like prisons

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If you work thou don’t have to pay that a 20 dollars, they take it from your salary

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My husband pays about $800 a month for our insurance. It covers 80% of all bills, until we spend $5,000 each year. After $5,000, we are covered 100%.


I don’t have an “ever ever” story, but the most recent worst purchase has to be the 100 pound punching bag that I never hung up outside and instead left it lying at an odd angle on the side of the living room by the front door. It’s been there since Christmas (it’s April right now). I trip over it on a weekly basis. I never use it. It’s not hung up. Even my own cat prefers to sit/relax on his velvet bed and basically nobody ever uses the punching bag.

I got the punching bag because I moved into a house, but it turns out my neighbors are jerks and I don’t trust them to not run off with my property should I leave it dangling from a tree…

best purchase ever made: my Master’s degree (for which I still owe on some student loans)? I’d say my cat, but he was free off Craigslist, although his vet bill when I took him in after getting him free off Craigslist was expensive, so maybe my cat?


A punching bag is awesome when you hang it up. I love martial arts and miss those times when I would punch bags with fierceness and ferocity. I was such a fighter and I won some fights in Kung Fu/Sanshou championships. Those were good times. Fights, friends and pizza.


My best purchase was my gaming laptop. I love it and don’t regret it even though it was an impulse buy.

My worst purchase was dab (weed) pens for my bf and I. $200 down the drain that I don’t use anymore.

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My best purchase was my cardigan. I wear it very often in spring and autumn as it keeps me warm and is handy. Its color and pattern are very homy and which give me a look of 30s-40s old middle class women. For 20 years I have worn this cardigan. It’s like my old friend.

My worst purchase was the electric detection device which I bought during my psychosis. I suspected some Chinese agents were following me and monitoring me. I bought this device to detect the things suposedly those Chinese agents installed inside my car or near my house. It costed my about 300 Australian dollars. Absolutely a waste of money!


Only counting recent purchases because I can’t remember anything else, my best purchase was my Ninja blender. I use that thing alllll the time and it’s amazing.

Worst purchase…hmmm… I tend to thoroughly research everything before buying. My worst is probably my mattress pad. It was supposed to be 4 inch pillow top, and it had excellent reviews, but it was 2 inches of memory foam and 2 inches of fiber fill, but 2 inches of memory foam is a lot and that’s all you can feel. And I’m not a fan of memory foam.

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Cars and cars…

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My worst purchase was all the Harry Potter audiobooks from iTunes. I spent about £350 on them. The thing is I was manic when I purchased them and I absolutely hate Harry Potter.

Best are all my computers I’ve had over the years. It would be a very lonely existence without my lifeline to the outside world.


Best purchase my ps4

Worst purchase a laptop for my friend cause she promised shed pay me back and then never did :rage:

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i guess buying so many worthless books… would be my worst. my best purchase would be phone and clothes in terms of usefulness…


Wow! It should be possible to have your money back if you can prove you were manic.

worst purchase would be all the friggin’ vitamins in my cupboard, so expensive lol

best? I dunno my classes, textbooks, oh and all the yarn and supplies for my knitting hobby. Really keeps me busy!