What is most fullfilling life>?

what is most fullfilling life>?

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That is different per person. And also possibilities. Some people do not have the opportunity to live as they want. That is sad but true. Sometimes life has to be adjusted. Things have to be changed to make life liveable. Some things can not be changed. or rolled back. But a person must do what he / she feels good about.


Well, coming here to this supportive website almost daily seems to be helping me.
What else can I say? I love to be full of motivation and having a great sense of useful but not pressured time. I have that sometimes.

It’s all about quality of life for me. Living where you aren’t stressed and life is pleasurable. Where your loved and you love others. Feeling like you contribute meaningfully to something whether work or otherwise.

I agree. We are all different but those are my criteria for a fulfilling life!

First of all we have to stay alive.
We have to do everything possible to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Now regarding what a fulfilling life means,
to everyone it means something different.
To me it means living in the US, studying religion, observing religious commandments,
having a lot of friends, going to the health club every day,
studying mathematics, and if the opportunity presents itself even marrying.

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The accomplishment of your goals

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I think when you’re younger excitment seems more fulfilling and when you’re older peace and quiet seems more fulfilling.


I live a most fulfilling life, I think. I pursue all of my interests and hobbies, my religion and I have one friend and acquaintances galore. And I live very comfortably. I have it made and I know it.

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You have a comfortable confidence which is a good trait. I respect you for living such a good life. I would want you for a friend, even a girl-friend, if you lived nearby.

I think it’s accepting the whole essence of who you are as a person including those parts of you that others may not understand or agree with and I believe that firmly just as long as you do no harm to yourself or others. :slight_smile:

Then you retire and remember why you went to work in the first place lol


Why thank you, @Here4You. I consider you a friend. I’m not in the market for a bf.

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