What Is Higher Consciousness?

Higher consciousness is spiritual/mystical awareness. There are many progressive, sublime levels of higher consciousness which you can experience as you learn how to daily transcend your normal mind — with its thoughts about past, present and future — to enter the infinite, unlimited part of your being.

Higher consciousness is ever-increasing awareness of your spiritual essence, the meaning of life and of the underlying spiritual nature in all things. In elevating your awareness beyond your normal thought processes you can experience your true nature and potential.

i get this a lot now, feels great!!!


With awakened higher consciousness you live in wonder and delight as you create a finer life and a better world. :musical_note:


Becuse i reached the pits of hell, now i experince heavely delights


It does feel good after the whole devil / demons situation, know what you mean. Good for us!

the devil was like a large monkey in my hallucination, did you see the same too?

No. Big red man-monster with horns.

i had the delusion my ■■■■■ was cut off, and the devil was doing something to my privates, i was tied to the bed i could not move, in the back of the abulance heading to the mental hospital in tenerife in 2000… i have PTSD from it all

i am being honest with what happened

That’s horrible. You told me about it. I’m sorry that happened to you.

I had the delusion it was trying to steal my imagination, kill my unborn children and that it raped me through some shady sexual partners I had in the past. Nothing as serious as your story.

I’m glad you’re finding joy in life right now.

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i was in shock for years @Minnii i didnt deserve that, i didnt do anything super bad in my life, it kind of left a emotional scar on me that will never heal completely, on a bad day it brings a tear to my eye…

on a brighter note i have mostly good days , feelings of christmas all at once lasting hours, feelings of pure bliss, not all the time but a feeling undescrible

Well that’s good, you should focus on those. I try and focus on the good things of life.

i accept there is gonna be bad and good days on my journey i will make it through

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I had the delusion I was hitler in a past life and I was in hell and I was going to be reincarnated over and over again to hell. Even I committed suicide there was no escaping, then I started taking meds and life got better. And I found spirituality and it got much better. Still hard though

Well that sucks too.

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looking out on tenerife airport with my bags and baggage on my back, the worst feeling one can feel

does anyone else get a higher psych?


Higher conscious nes? Youu tell me when you get there. …maybe then I can jump on your coatails and be let in by Association.

its all about ones past present and future mate

I get it this way (now):

10 StEP –

But I had to do a lot to get to where I was able to use this boil-down.