What is heartburn and what does it feel like

someone said my heart pain may be heartburn…what does heartburn feel like…

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It can feel like a burning in the chest or even like a punch to the chest. It really hurts. I spent a night in the hospital for heart pain that turned out to just be GERD (acid reflux).


When I get heartburn it is a very bad burning in my chest and in my throat.


It feels like diarrhea in ur chest

Yes I said this to you.
Heartburn can be mild or severe.

Can feel like a burning sensation or sharp pain in the chest.

Also can make your heart beat faster at times.
I get this a lot.

I have it right now. To much chocolate!

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You’ve probably felt heartburn at some point in the past but you didn’t know what the feeling was called. It’s a burning sensation in your esophagus which has many causes. Spicy food can trigger it or exercising right after a big meal or eating right before you go to bed.

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I take a prescribed antacid twice a day so i get no heartburn. That’s why my Dr is concerned about this crushing pain in my chest and shoulder. It feels nothing like heartburn that I’ve ever had

If I remember correctly from college (without googling) it has something to do with irritation to the esophageal sphincter between your esophagus and stomach. It feels like it’s in your center, not to the side where your heart is.

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