What is going on with me these days

I have people say they are going to kill me or worse, my sister is mad at me because I don’t give her much attention. People think I am saying mean things to them even though I am not, they are torturing me saying things like they are going to pelt me. My sister has a bad temper even though I love her, she gets upset. If she believed me I don’t know if it would help. Everyday I have people harassing me or saying they are hurting someone, I don’t know what to do, and they judge me harshly. Last night I was scared someone said that I was going to be beamed up to an aircraft and that I wouldn’t survive. I know this doesn’t make any sense. I hate these people they persecute me.

I never had people wanting to kill me before and when I hear people’s threats it makes me feel worse. They never give me any peace and they are cruel if my family is happy that would make me feel better. I am scared to go to the airport tomorrow that I might get abducted or murdered before I see my mom.God please watch over me and protect me.

Are you on medication? Idk

Yes I am.15characters

Hmm have you talked to your psychiatrist about this? They don’t sound like they’re fully working, the meds that is. I’m on Abilify 20 mg it helps me.

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