Emergency today

Going thru extreme anxiety, panic, fear of being murdered, people think my intrusive thoughts are my real thoughts, People are sabotaging my mind trying to make me appear racist, or perverted even though Im not. I have a fear of celebrities and people reading my mind. I just want to be left alone and this nonsence to end. I feel so hated sometimes. Have a couple of people who hate me, sometimes they try to make me look bad infront of others. I have no privacy. I pray God will heal me. These people are muderous They shout what did that girl do to me, did she touch my child.
How is this supposed to make me feel better?

I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. Can you call your doctor? It sounds like you could benefit from a med adjustment.

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Have you tried Abilify? I’m on a low dose of it, 2 mg and my thought broadcasting is like 80% resolved.

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