What is beyond our 5 senses?

I never really thought about this until recently.

Does anything exist beyond our 5 senses?

Anyone have any ideas or beliefs? On that.

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I see it as, these senses gets processed into experience and how we use common or humour sense to make life. Which I miss-out on.

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There’s is probably a whole world of stuff that we aren’t aware of, maybe when people start getting bionic implants people will be able to experience more.

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I remember reading a little bit about quantum things.

And there is that famous observer experiment where when they observed something, it changes or something.

It makes me wonder if when we are not observing things, are they actually in a different state?

I haven’t read much about those things so I don’t really know much about what I’m talking about…


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I think they say something like that in quantum mechanics. There are all kinds of quirky, counter intuitive things about quantum mechanics, but they’ve made thousands of observations of quantum mechanics at work, and not a single observation has contradicted their theories about it.

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What do you mean?

Things like “quantum entanglement”, where if one particle starts spinning in one direction, another particle, separated by huge distance, will start spinning the opposite direction. Also, they have never observed a quantum particle that didn’t break out of its confinement when they tried to measure it. Then there is that old thing about a tree falling in the forest needs you to observe it falling in order for it to happen. Also, things like a particle being able to exist in two places at once. They say that if they can ever make a computer based on quantum mechanics it will be vastly more powerful than any computer we have made to date. It has something to do with quantum transistors being able to be on and off at the same time.



I don’t understand what you are saying.

Feel free to elaborate…

Thanks Nvt.


You once recommended a book on here on quantum things. I bought it. Idk if I will like it though.



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I think I heard somewhere that beyond our five senses is our intelligence. That is why we can see across the universe and marvel at the majesty of creation.

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I think it is interesting that when I feel not good about myself, I can’t really be in awe of the universe, but when I feel good about myself, only then can I be in awe of the universe. It is like I’m projecting my feelings about myself onto the whole universe.

I’ve been wondering that when there was not even a single lifeform having eyes yet, then what on earth made the evolution knowing, that there’s stuff to see?

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I guess other senses. Like for example touch.

And trial and error.

So like if the ground for example feels too spiky, the evolution favoured tough feet. As opposed to soft feet.

Sense of appetite?
Sense of sorrow?

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According to some, we all do that. I think most people do that to an extent. I think that the universe probably cares very little if we exist, though most religions would differ with that belief. Maybe quantum mechanics can explain it.

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Oh I get you now.

I don’t know how it works :slightly_frowning_face:

But I think if I were to guess, eyes just developed as a positive form of evolution as they were helpful. And there just happened to be lots of things in the universe.

I don’t know if I understand the question?

Well, I’m not sure what to call it, but I know I can feel when someone is staring at me even if they’re behind me

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I really want to believe in some loving energy out there, omni benevolent, but but but it is so hard.

I just don’t sense it very strongly. (((If at all.! …)))

My dad has so much conviction apparently, but I don’t

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