Tired of the old unusual beliefs. Thinking of developing new ones

My core belief -that I was tricked into co-creating a make believe universe against my will- continues to make a great deal of sense to me, but finding myself completely removed from the divine source it has become more of an article of faith than anything else.

I don’t think much about it, I don’t believe it wholeheartedly, and most of my being appears committed to the shared world. In short, my so-called delusion has become something of a private joke.

My new delusion would develop an insight/revelation I had a few years ago. As I was walking down a commercial street I was suddenly struck by this extremely tall lady just crossing the road. And then it happened, for a brief moment I saw how she became taller and shorter at the same time. I made the obvious leap: here we have the hitherto suppresd evidence that so called human beings, and for that matter every macroscopic item in our shared world, could be conceptualised as a quantum state and therefore describable by a wave function.

However, following the more deterministic accounts of quantum theory out there, the person/item could, under ordinary conditions, have a more or less fixed position and value. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle would only apply when the demiurge was directly glancing at that person.

Why would the demiurge choose to run the simulation in this fashion I don’t know. It would certainly contradict what we think we know about the universe, the idea that quantum mechanics is the exclusive province of the subatomic world, or that indeed, the macroscopic objects we perceive (Aristotle’s “primary substances”) are made up of smaller constituents. We would be nothing but atoms, in its original, etymological sense.

This is clearly a work in progress. Does fooling around with this sort of farfetched ideas say anything relevant about my mental health? Am I psychotic for even entertaining such possibilities? Thanks.


This is an impossibility. Someone cannot grow taller and shorter at the same time.

You are a smart guy @seksoempirico . I personally don’t see why you want to waste your time on something YOU KNOW to be a delusion.

Now that I think about it though. I really don’t believe someone can “choose a delusion”. You either do or do not believe it. So maybe this would not be considered a delusion.


Out with the old, in with the new.

Entertaining yourself with these complex ideas does no harm unless they creep into your functioning life and make things difficult for you, i.e. testing out a theory that puts your life in danger.

“Hell is empty, all the devils are here.” is more along my lines of theory.


Exactly, I’m too cynical and trollish to be truly delusional.


So there is no psychotic thinking here?

If you hallucinated a tall person becoming short then yes. If you imagined it in your head as a quantum possibility then no. If your mind’s eye can picture it and your eyes see it then it counts as an hallucination.

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It was only a brief moment. I’m feeling like such a fake right now. :sweat_smile::cry:

Be it brief or long, an hallucination is an hallucination.

If you had tried mushrooms or lsd in the past, it could explain it, but if not…

Thinking back I probably only imagined that I saw it.

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Could the devil be the Supreme Quantum Observer?

I play with such thought experiments myself. There’s nothing wrong with exploring physics, and the various possibilities. The only problem I can foresee, is if you become obsessive about them and they take away from your daily life

Edit. It might be problematic if you start working the devil into your considerations. Sounds like trembling on the brink of psychosis

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The devil was always a consideration, it’s that I called it demiurge earlier, It’s all fun and games.

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I’ve never heard this term before. What language is that?

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But no religious discussion please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Strange. I had the exact same experience several times when I was younger. Apparently it’s a quite common experience / hallucination.

I dont know about the quantum stuff, i’m not into physics.

The world appeared is the way we experience the objects, secondly the objects themselves

Alice in Wonderland syndrome - Wikipedia

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Macropsia - Wikipedia

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That was an interesting read. Certainly turns other schools of thought on their head on some points

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Based on my nascent quantum gnosticism paradigm, I would probably propose now the physical existence of the universe. The simulation theory, however, will be exposed as a demonic diversion from our chosen path.

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