What is a usual day in your life like, and how would you want it to be?

A usual day for me would be sleeping til about 3pm, get a cup of coffee and smokes listen to music, then turn on the tv afterwards. Then I would smoke some more and some more and some more and its night time. Scrolling through Facebook, driving through a fast food, not doing anything to exciting. If I could change something about it, I would socialize and have more friends. And enroll in college, (which I have been procrastinating to do.) Get a good paying job for my own place, I wondering if fighting to “recover” in schizophrenia, is actually just acceptance of the illness, while still doing what is needed medically, etc


Well, I would wake up at around 7 am, then have breakfast, then do some housework while listening to music, then have lunch, go to work from 1 pm to 3 pm, then back home and chill out til dinner. Then I would listen to more music and take a bath and more music til bed time at around 11 pm. This is a usual day for me.

I would like to have a BF. And I would like to know what it would be like to be really connected with someone special in my life.


I find I had to accept my diagnosis to get moving on the right track. Plus… I ended up with a good med mix. That kicked me out of the negative symptoms and gave me my sense of WANT back. I WANT to get better… I WANT to move forward.

With no want… there was no will to get moving… but I needed the ability to get moving and that happened with good meds.

My day now is vastly different then it was almost three years ago. Before my new meds… My sis started waking me up about two hours before I had to go to my part time job. (7 a.m.)

Finally my Mom would drive me to work, I’d mop floors, wash windows, empty trash, clean toilets, weed gardens… get off work 4 hours later take the bus home, get right back in bed and stay there until 7 a.m. the next day. Repeat.

Today… I end up waking up around 5:00 a.m. (my sis is the lifeguard for early morning lap swim and she wakes me up when she’s getting ready for work)

I have some coffee, breakfast, take my meds… and do this board until it’s time to go to work. I do my job… Swim after work. (I got a better job after getting better meds and having more energy to handle the better job)

I’m taking a class on line so I do my homework here at home and enter it in the computer by Thursday… it’s always due on friday.

I go out with my sis for breakfast on Fridays… and hang with my girlfriend in the evenings when she’s not working. Spend the weekends playing in the water…

All due to acceptance… which leds to me staying on my meds and going to therapy… which put me on the path to wanting to get better. It’s a circle.


Recovery – to me – is the difference between surviving and living. With the first you’re just hanging in there until something better comes along. Floating in a life raft waiting for rescue. When you’re living, you’re the captain of your own boat and you have a say where it goes.

My days are not usual at the moment. Our kid (almost thirteen) is at summer camp until Saturday. Feels kind of odd not to have her around. So the wife and I are unpacking, painting, and getting the new home up and running. Hoping I can get back into a normal routine within a couple of weeks.



My usual day is sleep till 6am, pray morning prayer, go back to sleep till about 9am, have breakfast with hubby, then go back to bed, unless he wants me to take him somewhere in the car, or I have laundry to do, sleep till lunch and afternoon prayers, then get up and read or go on the computer or chat with hubby, and then cook supper, pray evening prayers, eat supper, pray night prayer and hang out in front of the TV or go on the computer again. Then off to bed again. Pretty boring days unless we go out or I have lots of chores to do, but unless we have children, I don’t think the routine will change.

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I get up and fix coffee for my girlfriend before she goes to work, talk to her a bit while she gets ready to go and see her off…then I just listen to music, play on facebook and this forum and if I’m lucky play my guitar or banjo if I feel enough inspiration to…on wednesdays I have painting class, but other than that…? Music, music, music…since I quit drinking I feel more energy and not blue anymore.


A usual day during the school year is wake up at 930 or 1030, drink coffee while browsing the internet and then eat breakfast and take my meds, then go to a couple classes, then workout. I wish I was a psychologist and seeing patients all day then going to workout.


Loafing around in pajama’s. Wondering how to tackle clutter.


Interesting days you folks have :smile:

I wake up around eleven, go respond to messages from friends, drink a protein shake, spend a few hours reading books about pessimistic surrealism, then try to get through a chapter of my auto repair book. After that probably go for a drive to the fairgrounds and swing on the swings. Come home and paint while listening to music, then play some guitar if I’m up for it. Then get the mail and respond to letters. Pace for a bit. Spend the rest of the day discovering new music. go to sleep around four a.m. and wake up at eleven. Just an average day in the rabbit manor.

Take care!

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I go to bed around 4am get up somtimes as late as 5:30 pm next day. Drink coffee, do some work around the house, dishes, mow lawn, fix somthing like leaky faucet and so on. Do my hobbies. I wish I could get up at 10:30 with six hours or so of sleep and have more spirit, motivation, well bieng to take better care of the house chores like cooking, cleaning fixing. Also would like more energy, spirit, wellbieng, to go and excersize or do my bikeing hobby more which gives me plenty of excersize.

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coffee, work, walk, internet ( here ), feed animals, collect firewood, bake.
i would like to fly everyday.
take care

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When my shrink asked what I spent my time cleaning up + I said - clutter, she thought that was profound. I kept my distance.


Hm, I wake up about 7 or 8ish, eat breakfast and have a diet coke then go lay on the couch and turn on the TV to one of the new age radio stations, then sleep on the couch for a couple hours. If I get a stiff neck or my leg starts to cramp up (really it’s a love seat and too small for me but sometimes I just get tired of laying bed…) I really like laying on the sofa mostly because the cat will jump up on top of me and lay on my tummy until I’m ready to get up. I like having her lay on me, she only lays next to me on the bed, I guess I toss and turn to much laying flat on the bed. Sometimes I’m motivated to come online for a bit first until I start feeling tired again. It’ a steady sleep until so long. I get up every so often either waken up by something, or body just naturally wakes up.

Usually by 3pm I force myself to get up for good coming on the computer, doing some typing, surfing the web, watch some TV. My parents come home from work about 5, sometimes after and we sit and watch the news, then dad (usually dad, sometimes mom depending on what it is we’re having or how tired dad is) will make dinner. We’ll sit down and eat, I first feed the kitty because she eats dinner with us…not at the table but in the same room.

After dinner the three of us (and usually the cat) will sit down and watch at least an hour of TV together. Anything from building shows like Love or List it or Property Brothers, to the Dead Files, America’s Got Talent, or something else. We’ve been watching Mama’s Family because I bought dad the set on TimeLife for father’s day. During the fall we have other shows to watch like Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, Hawaii 5-0, we used to watch Shameless but I haven’t heard if it’s coming back or not.

Anyway after an hour of TV time if it’s one of the 6 nights I clean the kitchen, I’ll do that after the TV time and when mom and dad go to bed. I’ll take the dishes from the dining room into the kitchen, wipe food bits off them and put them in the dishwasher.

Then after that I’m on the computer doing various things like playing Face-book games, checking e-mail, coming here on, or playing other games online (I use for games). Then if I feel motivated I may work on my writing if not I’ll do some reading or watching something either on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or something I might own on DVD while I take my medication. Then I lay down in bed anywhere from 1 - 2:30 AM. I don’t usually fall asleep until closer to 3 (depending on how late I lay down). And my day starts all over again when I wake up.

Anything different? I would like to go out more. I don’t know about having more friends but I get tired of being cooped up in the house all the time either cause of lack of transportation or lack of money, or lack of someone to hang out with…or lack of all three.

I usually get up between 9 to 9:30 am. Between 9:30 and 11:30, I do nothing but having breakfast, a cup of coffee and browsing on internet. This is a period of time when I feel lethargic and cloudy. Between 11:30-3:00, I am fully awaken and do some serious work like attending Photoshop class or reading and writing. Between 3:00-5:00 pm, I usually do meditation and go outside the house for grocery shopping or just walking around to buy some fruit or drinks. Between 5:00-7:00, I do house chores like cooking, moping floors. 7:00pm is my dinner time. after dinner, I often go with my husband for a walk at the park and watch TV. Around 10:30pm, I go to bed.