What in the hell is this?

Some guy yelled at me and said cut that ■■■■■ off. Off what. A bus seat? Why do I pay attention to stupid people. Why do you care what people think? You’re dumb rox.

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I have no peace in my mind. It’s constant hell.

Is your dog any comfort? I would love to have a dog! I see him in your avatar.

Oh, that’s a cat. Sorry. Your cat looks like a dog.

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That’s Bella. Yeah Nico and Bella are helpful. My mom is an animal lover she picked bella up and brought her to me. All it took was rubbing against my mom’s leg and meowing at her. Bella didn’t grow much when we first got her. She’s a tiny cat. Anyway I don’t want to come home tomorrow.

Rox. Even if people are speaking to you I suspect the problem is you reacting to your environment when you shouldn’t. Please. You need to talk to your doc and change things. It’s hard to talk to docs for sure and easier to let things slide but it’s the same thing over and over…

I know it’s hard but you need to advocate for you and your health and try something different. Whether a new med or an adjustment it’s just not working now and you know that.


You have suffered for so long sweetheart. I hope you finally get some peace.


Your not dumb Rox, just letting your voices get the better of you :hugs:

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someone on a bike yelled “better watch out im gonna run your fat — over” at first i laughed…and he was also fat. but then it started to bother me that he said that. kind of silly i laughed first then it made me mad…and he did almost run into me but i was walking and had the pedestrian light…it zapped my confidence for a moment. then i fell when carrying groceries, and a nice man leaned over and helped me up i have bruises on my knee from it…my ankle just went twisted out of the blue…

im so spent from the rest of life that i can only handle positive and calm, chill vibe…im trying to watch any content or videos with a person of sound mind speaking that does help, or who personifies integrity, humanism…cant currently handle any low vibe music either…\\

its ok to care…just try to remember ur empathy, its currently whats keeping me stable…


Hi paper flowers. I’m sorry that happened to you. Hugs. I try to avoid yellers as best as I can. Sz drives me batty sometimes. You’ll be okay. Rox


yeah i say cut the ■■■■■■■■ too. peace is key. i have no peace in my mind most of the time but peace is important. hell i eshew people most of the time for this reason.

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I can only think you were maybe muttering under your breath or something?
I knew someone with SZ who would always make nervous talking sounds to herself.

If you weren’t doing anything to make noise I can’t see why someone would tell you off like that.

I don’t know anymore

I feel that.

My mom’s cat was named Bella when I was a boy. She was a black long haired cat I never teased. I was scared of her because she was solid black.

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Aww really. Cats are strange creatures. Bella’s sort of a rescue kitty.