What if you don't need APs?

What if you were just bipolar? Can bipolar people have delusions and obsessive thoughts? What happens to someone who isn’t really sz or sza and is on APs?

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Probably this


From the NAMI page:

" Severe bipolar episodes of mania or depression may include psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions. Usually, these psychotic symptoms mirror a person’s extreme mood. People with bipolar disorder who have psychotic symptoms can be wrongly diagnosed as having schizophrenia"


It’s possible to be misdiagnosed, even due to some neuroleptic syndromes (for example, there is a neuroleptic syndrome that causes “negative” symptoms and it may lead to a misdiagnosis). That’s why diagnosis is so difficult.


İ m sz… i m hundred percent sure and i m very happy with my medicine combo :rainbow::sunrise_over_mountains:


Why quit meds? And start everything from new. I will never quit meds even they told me I would be fine .

Meds gives power

Money is power


I don’t want to quit. Just wondering what APs do to normal people or just bipolar.


Yea they prescribe aps all the time to bipolar people must be a reason for tha

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My sister is bipolar and one of her meds is Seroquel. I guess she experiences psychotic episodes. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

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More bipolar people take APs than psychotic patients do. They are more widely prescribed as a mood stabilizer than antipsychotics.

They are supposed to prevent mania I believe.

@DearZombie My diagnosis is bipolar I with psychotic features and I need to be on an AP!

I suffer with strong paranoid delusions and I hallucinate.

People with bipolar 1 disorder are usually on APs.

Bipolar 2 might be a different story.

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I had Bipolar before I had SZA. I didn’t deal with disassociation, voices, or paranoia/delusions. These are all symptoms that were new to me when SZA started showing itself around age 30/31. From 15 to 30 all I had was a mood disorder that made me depressed sometimes and manic others.

Now with the sza, the new symptoms are so prominent I don’t even notice if I’m manic or depressed anymore :roll_eyes:

I’m bipolar but I hear voices. Not schizophrenic. The risperidone made conversational loud voices almost nonexistent. I still hear the word zombie repeated over and over in bed. It also gave me what you would call negatives, and I never had them before meds. Not in 20 years since I was diagnosed. Anhedonia, no motivation, poverty of speech/thought

Antipsychotic medication is also used as a supplement to a mood stabilizer like Lamictal. Some people even with schizophrenia do fine without antipsychotics. Famous mathematician John Nash never took any medicine (despite what “A Beautiful Mind” depicts). But most have to take medicine. Bipolar people can also have psychosis and need antipsychotics.

Yes indeed…15

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