What if someone on here is triggered by politics?

Our President is officially glorifying gruesome war crimes against Muslims (see Twitter). I honestly feel very anxious about this and feel that if this is supposed to be a safe space it’s worth the disagreements.

So what your saying is you want to discuss it? Or not?

yeah i meant to state that explicitly but forogt

This isn’t ‘politics’ anymore, it’s life

so that’s a yes, you do want to discuss it?

Lol yes! Haha


I’m feeling really uneasy about the state of things right now. I’m avoiding the news, it’s petrifying to me right now.

If “politics” should be censored then so should recovery. Both have a profound emotional effect on people at this point in time.

Are we not supposed to talk about politics on this forum?

That’s correct.

And my problem is, what if someone needs to talk about these things and can’t find someone in real life to do that with?

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I’m not petrified as much as feeling like this is very surreal and medieval.

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maybe we can talk about our feelings about it without talking about it specifically and that would be ok. Like we are doing now anyway lol

I want to talk about everything plainly and share my feelings on top of that

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What makes everything doubly surreal is that people are being silent in the face of obvious evil.

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