I'm having a tough day but can't talk about it here

Due to certain news events that occurred today I am having a tough day because these kind of news events trigger me but I can’t talk about that on this forum because what triggers me is a forbidden topic on this forum. Oh well family and friends are supporting me a d I know my friends here would too if allowed and that’s enough for me. I also know what triggers me probably triggers others and I don’t want that to happen


hey, dont worry about it, i get triggered too, and i think i have triggered others inadvertantly before as well, it purely accidental i’d say, nobody would intentionally want to make someone triggered, i wouldnt want to cause anyone any distress but i realise it can happen, idk what we can do about it though.


There’s many things that trigger my illness that I can’t talk about here. But we got to keep moving past them with support like you mentioned.

Hope you get past this @Unclehenry, and try not to focus to hard on whatever it is that’s upsetting you.


Aww :slightly_frowning_face: I think we’re allowed to discuss it in a recovery context, like if you say what was said and then discuss your symptoms and how to deal with them as opposed to the politics of it all.

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I have tough days too worried about my future. Unsure what to do. It’s distressing. I don’t know what to do for work and school and housing.

Thanks @Sardonic, there’s a News thread on the Sri Lanka bombings going on right now. I’m ok. Getting centered.

Yes I’ve heard. It’s a tragedy. Are you feeling paranoid about man’s evil? Because if so, I definitely get it. The news only really reports on bad things, which can make the world feel like a terrible place, but for all the bad, there is good too. Little things that mean the world.





Thanks for sharing @Sardonic.

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The bombings have triggered me badly, too. I’m trying to just avoid thinking about them, because otherwise I just think about how powerless I am to help. Sorry you’re having a rough time.


Here’s another @Unclehenry @ninjastar


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