What if, reality is fake? (possibly trigger?)

I’m sitting here thinking, what if this reality, isn’t reality?
What if the hallucinations are real, and what is real is fake?
Are these false memories the real ones?
Is this all one big hallucination?
There is a lot more to the thought, but I thought I’d share this.

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pinch your self…if it hurts it is real.
alice in wonderland used this trick to wake herself up…
take care

Someone told me I am clairvoyant and not schizophrenic and that he was trying to strengthn his own clairvoyance. I told him, if this is is clairvoyance, you don’t want it.
Whether this is reality or not, doesn’t really matter. We’re stuck in it, so might as well adapt.

That last line is extremely true, regardless what it is we are here to stay.
I found my theory quite interesting however, despite how wrong (or right) it is.

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I’ve had this ponder and the only place it seems to lead me is in a circle. It’s hard separating the real from the false memories. I just have to write it all down and check with other people later.

I used to get my awake life and dream life mixed up to.

I feel this blender of my consciousness everyday…yet you know I snap out of it by touching the material objects and ground myself like a tree growing roots through my feet.

Almost as the root structure and the things I touch are the only things that are real sometimes it seems ages before I’ll know the truth, until my friends get me back on the ground and I speak to them. Sometimes my experiences and views because of them scare people…just to let those people know…I’m sort of afraid sometimes too.

Some things we can’t know. Mary, in the Bible was “unknown”. There is always some numbness in our brains about one thing or another. It’s what makes life Hell, not knowing.

YET! Hell is what we go through, and we’re cultivating our own little piece of heaven I feel…

I do this at times as well, make sure that what I see is real. However, sometimes it isn’t.

I came to learn that no matter which reality I’m in I am out of luck. In this reality I have severe problems without treatment. In the other I have severe problems with severe inhumane treatment.

Reality is what when you ignore it doesn’t go away. You hallucinations might be part of your reality. Mine were for a long time. They are very real occurrences they just aren’t shared. Are dreams a real thing? Yes they are. They are part of the human experience. The events of dreams aren’t grounded in the universe, but they really happen to people. It is really up for you to decide what is real and what is not. I would make the suggestion though that reality is the dead and inert functioning of atoms in space. Sure they come together to make life forms. It is a trick of the cosmos to know itself. However there is no consciousness on the atomic level, it merely comes together to create the arena we all live within. That is the only thing I allow to be real. The universe is god to me, however its sleeping and we are its dreams. There is no evil or real force behind your hallucinations they just represent inner turmoil. Probably a heavily chemical thing, but their are a variety of tactics you can apply to straighten yourself out. We with faulty brains must find our own paths to sanity. The shared experience is the only way to determine what’s real for most people. I just leave it as the cold concrete of the surrounding unconsciousness. Grounding yourself might be critical to finding stability of the mind. Good luck my friend.