What if a delusion is so ingrained in us

Is this when we need to seek out a psychologist to fix us?

Pointless taking meds if a delusion cant be broken.

We need something more, advice possibly some direction !!


i am at peace with my delusions. they are real to me but its not like conspiracy stuff or anything.


But them delusions are not nice are they??


its delusions about life and how it all started. basically.


I have some tough delusions that still didn’t break but I think that’s perhaps it’s something that can’t be proven by current standards. One of these days I’ll see through them, hopefully.


I just don’t like how convenient my delusions are. If I never heard voices I wouldn’t have delusions. I still don’t know what to make of it.

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my chosen one belief has been so engrained in me that I cant reverse it no matter how many meds I take. I have far more reason to take meds than just for delusions though. It’s what im left with but like @unique I am at peace with it!! :peace_symbol: doesn’t bother me too much…in fact my chosen one issue is probably far less of an issue than your average persons problems. Cant complain anymore. its helped me find serenity in a way.


I totally get you man. My ideas are 100% fixed. No med will ever fully shake them. But I kinda figure every little bit of help helps. It’s all about the 1% gains in my book.


I know that people can’t hear my thoughts but it still bothers me to think about private things in front of other people. I think some of our delusions are held so strongly that we simply can’t let them go even when logically we know they are delusions. It’s almost a reflex now.

I have a few delusions that are really ingrained into me. The worst is the world is a computer program like in the matrix. I’ve learned not to care that much anymore.

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I hate thinking everyone is out to get me. I keep thinking there’s a camera in the ceiling.

The delusion is like the seed.

Like say example your delusion is that aliens can talk to you.
That could lead you to hearing “aliens” seeing or feeling.
Which could lead to you being commanded to do something or some action.
Maybe they tell you to book a flight to Guatemala and that the answers they have for you are in some secret cave near a volanoe…
That’s when delusions are dangerous.

And the core of it for that to happen was that you believed in aliens in the first place.

I think people with psychosis have more flexible thinking which leads to all those type of hallucinations so easily.

So best thing to do is take a conservative approach to your beliefs. It’s just a lot safer for someone with sz.

My delusion is that I am telepathic but can’t control how I send my thoughts to others. Because I can control it my thoughts are all sent to an old friend. They want me to stop but just send negative vibes to me. This gets me aggressive.

My conspiracy it that there are 3 types
Of people.

  1. Unaware of telepathy
  2. Those who are able to send thoughts but can’t control. I fit here.
  3. Those who can control their telepathic control.

The 3rd group keeps it a secret though,

lol why a psychologist if not even meds can fix it? :slight_smile:

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So in your case the core belief is that you believe telepathy is real. Which would spur on the rest

That’s right. But other people here share the same delusion. Close to the same but no quite.

That is also true

good man 151515

I find the meds help a little bit with delusion. But mostly make me not have as bad emotions when I am receiving negativity through telepathy.

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