What I did this summer

So been under the pump. First season in charge of the wicket down the cricket club and third game in and I’m managing to get things done with about the same time I’ve been doing for years. It really is a balancing act and I’ve got a couple of people helping but I’m getting it done!

It’s not impacting too much on my life except the time travelling is nuts. Traffic makes a 45 minute commute something like an hour to an hour and a half! So I’ve been doing ok mentally even with all the extra stress of being in charge and telling people what to do…it really is an art and you can’t show people overnight…I did an apprenticeship really.

Anyways. It’s a long season and I need to get into town by 7:30am tomorrow…It just never ends but that is the life of a groundsperson…this is my latest bit of work…a quality turf wicket for cricket!


Forrest Gump would cut that grass for free.



@ThePickinSkunk my labor is free so I’m with forrest!


Wow! You really take good care of it. I love that you have pride in your work


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