Productive Day

So the old guy who I help do the cricket pitch is off on a holiday driving around the country so it’s up to me to prepare the wicket and do everything else this week. Started today and because of shiteloads of dew I couldn’t get near the pitch till 1pm which sucked but did a lot of mowing in the morning.

Wicket was new and a bit bumpy and I had to think a bit and sort out some strategies for getting it cut…it was too soft and the mower was digging in…Had some marks on it but I covered them up with clippings and rolled the shite out of it! Result is not too bad a wicket…hope to get some sun and heat to get it up for a game Sunday.

Busy day tomorrow with more rolling the wicket and mowing the oval…all in all I did a good job! Something to be proud of!


I’m glad you had a productive day and it sounds like you got alot done. I had a better day myself so I can relate. I wrote for most of the day and got a decent amount written.

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Sounds like you’re rocking it, matey! Well done!

I always imagined it would be hard work to make a cricket pitch perfect.

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