What has your son taught you, Sheri?

start with one person. One-on-one.

never stop believing this happens.


I saw something on tv where they were saying kids with down syndrome are very publicly affectionate. Is that true? There was one kid on the Kelly Clarkson show and he was madly in love with this girl (also with Down syndrome) and by no means his his love for her.

hmmm. idk, just media promo. my son in general doesn’t like to be touched, except we hold hands while talking. it’s less evasive.

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Did you watch the video? It may be just these two kids just happen to be affectionate.

you’d have to understand, a woman with similiar condition can feel offended by hugging. they teach this to women in group homes.
for me with my son, Keep your hands to yourself.

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Yeah. I get it.

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