What happens if you get banned?

I hadn’t realized u were banned otherwise I’d have reached out to u!! Sorry!! Next time u get banned I’ll reach out to u lol.


If it is a symptom then I guess you got to deal with it, fixed thoughts like That can be hard to deal with, I think unless you were spamming the place that we should offer support as much as possible, if you dont take advice you really need more support, your Dr may be a good person to reason with in that case but I don’t think a suspension is warranted but I am not a mod.

This email was sent to you, along with several warnings that continuing to attack others would lead to a suspension. We can’t be held accountable for your own poor choices, regardless of your disability. We all have disabilities here, and we all need to be responsible about them. We gave you many chances to stop your behavior before resorting to a suspension.

Edit: message, not email.

I never received an email checking on me after suspension. While I was being triggered…as I was being banned by a pm but no are you ok while suspended. No biggie don’t want to instigate just a thought

Fine, it’s ok to delete my posts LOL
@Moonbeam didn’t give me any warning when she suspended me for a week, it was a while ago, this time i’m serious

We do not use emails as a communication method on the forum.

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@anon51414962. I deleted your posts because they were off topic.

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The problem is the moderators are trying to cultivate and make perfect, polite Sz robots out of all of us…where every day is sunshine and lollipops.

There is a Supreme Court crisis happening in the U.S. which will affect millions of lives and we aren’t even allowed to discuss it!

This forum is a modern era version of The Stepford Wives.

We can’t talk about Supreme Court situation? You’re joking right?

Try starting a thread on the U.S. Supreme Court and watch it get shut down in seconds.

I’m not meaning to upset anyone. However, while under suspension did you guys send a message. All I saw was stop harassing others as a message. No it’s been a week or week and a half, how are you doing? Just careabout members in this thread not attacking mods. But I think someone should see if person ok. I don’t see why you are being so defensive about what happend to me…I’m just stating something that I think would be a beneficial thing. Is that wrong? Seriously relax what’s done is done just I thought that this tip might be a goodidea

Political discussions are not permitted on the forum. They cause arguments and cause disagreements.

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Ahh, ok hmmm…I’ll refrain

There is nothing wrong with wanting people to check in. But we are not therapists or counselors. Sometimes, for our own sanity, we can’t check up on every member on an individual basis. There are hundreds of members here, and their emotional needs are not our responsibility. Our responsibility is to keep the forum a safe and respectful resource for recovery.

In the past, we were very hands-on, and sent messages to people all the time, asking how they were and if they needed anything. And we burnt ourselves and nearly relapsed under the pressure. It’s simply unfair to expect this kind of personal treatment for everyone on the forum. We are four people, with full time school and jobs, who are dedicating our free time to keeping this place running. We rely on others to reach out for support when they need it.

We do not contact members offsite, so nobody will ever receive a message while they are suspended asking them how they are doing. That isn’t safe for us or for you.



YOU cause arguments and disagreements by not allowing political discussions.

Some people find heavy rain to be upsetting. Are we not allowed to talk about rain now?

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Can you answer just one question? What benefit would it be to allow political discussions? What would we gain as a community from that? How would it help people with recovery? From what I’ve seen, it just results in flame wars and insults being hurled at each other until both parties are suspended for abusive language.

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I think this community is run great.

Just one suggestion.

Give warnings before suspension. It doesn’t feel nice getting suspended and some members dont come back…


I mean suspending me for telling someone I love them…

Surely a warning first, I know u feel powerful giving out suspensions ninja star but possibly try give a fair warning beforehand

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I said I was taking a long break from this forum for reasons I’ve just stated above. So Treebeard suspends me anyways for 2 weeks…while adding a sarcastic, snide comment to his tag. Petty much?

Yeah, the Mods really care about my well-being.

I attend an action group at my clubhouse and we although aloud to discuss political topics that relates to our charity we are not aloud to be affiliated with any political parties.
So I’d say politics are ok just try to remain neutral
In an ideal world,

@anon9798425 can I ask if that banner is something that might happen?