What happened to Patrick?

He was kind of unstable for a while and messing with his meds and now I haven’t been able to see any of his posts for a long time…anybody know where he is or how he is? @Patrick

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He reached out to me when I was Psychotic.
I’ll never forget this.
He’s a good guy.


Patrick is a good guy.

What happened to @chew ? Hope he’s okay.

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Chew wanted to take a break from the forum. He’s fine.



Good news.

Thanks for letting me know.

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yeah, patrick hasn’t posted in a while.

lol and I noticed someone else has taken a little break I think. either that or the person just finally stopped posting thread titles with my username :smile:

Hmm. I’m on here 24/7 usually just stalking you guys lol and commenting occasionally :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah I have noticed pa trick and chew gone

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I’m fine, Juke…thanks for asking! :smile:

I’ve been posting on a Political/Entertainment site for the past few months. Things are going well. I just needed to expand my horizons a bit further.

Hope everyone is doing well! I made quite a few chums on this forum and I won’t forget any of you! I still poke my head in here from time to time.



glad you are fine @Patrick and yes, keep going to other things the more you can.
thanks for the good news :slight_smile:
kisses :kissing_heart:


Anybody seen Daze?

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@Daze has been real quiet.
Hope all is well.



You would probably like my Aunty because she looks like genie from I dream of Jeanie genie aaa darn my spelling.

Specially when she was younger.
You could think it’s the same person.
I always adored my Aunty and still do.

Hope you and your family are well and that you are feeling better.

:woman_zombie: :zombie:

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