What gives you “small but certain happiness”?

In my country, there is a fad word today, “small but certain happniess”, which means you achieve small happniess with certainty for sure (This might sound awkward English :wink: ) You know, huge goals are not achievable so they are uncertain and do not give you much happiness. But a cup of coffee in the morning is not a big deal, small, but It can give you certain hapiness for sure. I think pursuing this kind of happiness has been a trend in my society. And…
My small but certain happiness today is I had a hot soup before going to bed. I don’t usually eat before going to bed but It really made myself feel warm and comfortable. :purple_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am a simple man. I smoke and drink coffee and I enjoy it.


A pizza :pizza:


Definitely 151515

Having a good meal, followed by a cup of coffee and a cigarette…


A bowl of cereal with milk and sugar. And a cup of coffee in the morning always makes me happy.


Hug and kiss…

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Coffee and a good book
Cuddling with my hubby


Going out to the park and spending a few hours feeding the parakeets

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A good sunset, a warm breezy day, a good book, watching a child learn something for the first time, a call to a relative, a walk down a nature trail, watching the leaves fall in autumn, family get-togethers.


The sound of the ocean, frisson-inducing music, a cold soda, that first hit of nicotine in the morning, cats, memes, and seeing someone genuinely smile


Iced coffee and diet soda once in a while, going out shopping. eating pear and gargonzola pizza, thai and vietnamese food

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Getting all the laundry and ironing done after food shopping and restocking my fridge and cupboards with items. I always make a list of meals I will have and these dictate what I will buy so I rarely throw out food apart from the odd half-lettuce or cucumber that is off.

Coffee, new books, learning something new.



My kids. Coffee. Hockey. Food.
My kids always make my heart feel good. They just left to go to their dad’s place for the week. I miss them already. :heart:

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a/c in the summer, heat NOW!

Good food and a win online.

Cooking a delicious meal when I feel like it

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Eating comfort foods like pasta or pizza.


A nice juicy dip