What genre of music do you listen to on daily bases?


Hello, I’d like to know what genres of music do you listen to on a daily bases? I listen to alot of metal for exemple :slight_smile:


Drum n bass dubstep rock pop


All the genres! muahaha. Seriously I listen to a lot of different things. You could say my taste in music is almost schizophrenic (ba dum dum).


I like Christian heavy metal, hip hop, rap, classical and so on…


alternative punk, one of my favorite bands is new found glory


I’m cyclical with what I listen to. recently I’ve been getting into alternative country chris stapleton and sturgill simpson and just recently discovered Dwight yoakim, who’s been at it for years. yesterday I was listening to ryan adams. I got into jj cale pretty big about a year ago. john prine’s got a new album out I checked out. that and I got some dan auerbach (from the black keys) songs stuck in my head “never in my wildest dreams” is a good one he’s been promoting lately.

because I’m trying to pick up guitar, it’s important that I listen to guitar. I also like bluegrass, but I have a hard time hearing the guitar over the banjo and violin. for that reason I’ve been staying away from it, but i’ll probably start looking for some good bluegrass acts. I don’t like the “rocky top and deliverence” style of bluegrass from yesteryear that has the banjo dominate, but I’m digging some of the more harmonic new acts.



15151515 blah blah


House, progressive, bounce, some pop. Not really a country fan.


Lil Peep, Buddha Xan, MC chaun qi. So rap, hip hop.


Alternative/punk/pop. I listen to a lot of different things except jazz and country! That stuff is whack!


I listen to all types of Music here recently I have been listening to Five Finger Death Punch and I just preordered their new album and justice for none coming out May 18th.


Alternative, hip hop


Everything except smooth jazz


I keep the oldies station on 24/7.

Other than that I mostly listen to metal, punk, classic rock, and the Blues :sunglasses: :v:.


Alternative, pop/rock, dreampop, trance, soft rock


Rap and classic rock on a daily basis


I’ve been listening to a lot of Dixieland Jazz lately. Other than that, I’m very eclectic about what I listen to. I listen to Dwight Yoakam, Mick Jagger, the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Dr. Hook, and so on. I’m kind of out of touch with the hip hop and rap that is so popular these days.


U the man crimby!! Good taste :sunglasses:


House, Chill, and some Indie. I like a lot of instrumental stuff.


Classical and rock and jazz…