What foods you looking forward to this xmas


my supermarket have started doing MORE flavours od ben and jerries ice cream so that’s xmas pudding for me they did a banana flavour and named it stisfy my bowl and a mint one.
I hate mince pies having a lamb roast Christmas day then cheese and crackers.


Sausage balls and pecan cookies. Looking for some low carb egg nog.


i love those little german ginger bread things, i can get a bag of them at xmas and they have different shapes and they are lovely and christmassy, i think you can hang them from the tree as well if you want :slight_smile:


I like Thanksgiving foods more than Christmas ones but there is one thing I look forward to every year, M&M cookies. My grandmother used to bake them every Christmas. Ahh nostalgia.


My grandmother used to make chocolate yule logs with marshmallows. :chocolate_bar:


did anyone ever make any rice crispy cakes? its so easy,

you melt chocolate in a pan and add rice krispies or corn flakes then you get some paper cups and put the chocolate covered cereal in the paper cups (use milk chocolate) and then pop them in the fridge to set,

i think thats rights anyway lol (i might make some)

another thing we use to make and still do is ginger wine or blackcurrant wine from concentrate (takes a lot of sugar though) but it tastes great, i prefer blackcurrent myself though and its totally non-alcoholic


I LOVE rice crispy treats. I’d eat them every day if I didn’t think it would kill me. :smile: We don’t make them with chocolate but with butter and marshmallows. Damn, cravings taking control…


fudge, egg nog I will try to remain moderate in my consumption.


Ahh I had forgotten egg nog. I love the stuff. I usually cut it with milk though as full strength is a bit too sweet for me.


everything…" it is all mine i tell you…all mine !! ".
take care from the sane :alien: