What everyday things scare you?


With me it’s dogs and stairs.


Adverts on TV for charities. They always seem to show either animals or children in distress.


news but i am not scared of them i dont watch them


Hate them


Dogs, piled blankets that aren’t folded (is there a person under there waiting to scare/kill me?!?), masks, probably a lot more that I can’t think of.


In my defense with the blankets, though, my brother used to hide under piles of pillows and blankets when we were kids and jump out and beat the ■■■■ out of me. So I sort of have reason to be afraid.


I think fears all have reasons. I was knocked down by a dog when I was a baby, and also fell down stairs.


Travelling by plane ship euro tunnel.
Paranormal movies


the sky and things in the air -----__-------------__------------


Leaves falling in front of me. Anybody moving remotely too fast in my general direction (that I can’t immediately find a good reason for why they are; I mean, am I being attacked?!). Wasps/bees (I know bees are bros, but dammit, they fly at me and it scares me).


What scares me is moving out of my senior living community. But, I have to do it. They are pricing me right out of here.


Dogs and stairs for me too. I’ve fallen down and hit my head on stairs, and that’s where a lot of chronic pain is originating.


Spidersbrown recluse.


We used to get large spiders in the shower at my grandparents’ house all the time. I was always afraid one would drop on me mid-shower!


Driving on the motorway (freeway to you US people).


People, sensory informations…


Literally everything! :confounded:


car wrecks…intruders…(I had a near intrusion one time)


Loud noises. Darkness (but only sometimes). Cockroaches (im phobic). Medication. Missing appointments. Eyes. Babies freak me the ■■■■ out. The emergency test pattern that makes a weird buzzer noise at like 2 am on the t.v. and radio. And the emergency warning systems on phones. ■■■■ man. This one room in my house that feels like it’s full of monsters. Walking past the dog door cause I’m scared something will grab me and drag me outside.



Fear of flying, spiders, mice, bats, of being alone, losing my therapist and dying.