What everyday things scare you?


My closet’s been the thing in this house. Can’t stand it. Always feel like there’s someone in there watching me.


I hate insects except for ladybugs. The rest freak me out. It was cool seeing a praying mantis at my dads house but I kept my distance.


The future…


Going into stores, dealing with customers.


Big dogs. 15 characters .


What scares me is, going out by myself, talking on the phone, brown recluse, being stared at, my neighbors. Probably much more, I just thought of those.


Big dogs, or any unchained dog,
Being in a car,
People getting mad/upset at me,
Strangers walking behind me or quickly towards me


People and their expectations.


Strong winds, bugs, and really going outside scares me a lot of the time although I still do it.


Needles in hospitals!


people, going outside, death, losing my blanket


Don’t laugh, but sheets of paper. I see a particularly crisp sheet of paper, and my intrusive thoughts tell me it’s going to give me a paper cut on a major artery, and I will die from it. Razors bug me for the same reason.

Also, necklaces, turtlenecks, and anything else that touches my neck, for the same reason @LED dislikes blankets. My brother used to hide outside my room, and when I came out, he would jump out and choke me until I passed out. He thought it was hilarious. I didn’t.



Yeah I’m still afraid of that…


@LED @ninjastar That’s true and I’m sure that’s traumatizing. But your brothers aren’t there anymore to do that.


Tell that to my amygdala though


The reason you are afraid is because your brain is telling you “Hey! Avoid this!” because you couldn’t avoid it before. But now you can. You’re older, more capable, with more resources, and a husband who loves / can protect you.

Just relax…Have you ever thought about why your brother would do that? You both came from the same seed after all.


Thunderstorms and highways


Nope. My brother was adopted. He did it because he had metal issues and was generally an ■■■■■■■ and I was an easy target because I already had PTSD from past issues so I was skittish.


Yeah, because he’s the literal devil and actively enjoys causing pain in others.

Also, I’ve worked through a lot of things in therapy. I have a job that requires me to handle paper on a daily basis. I made it through eighteen years of school in a time before digital drop boxes. Being able to wear turtlenecks and necklaces isn’t a major priority in my life.

Besides which, I still have to see him sometimes, so it’s not like that part of my life is just in the past.


Also, it not being an issue anymore isn’t how trauma works. I’ve had therapy, it’s not a huge issue, I just still get scared. It doesn’t otherwise interfere with my life.