What emotion do you feel mostly?

what emotion do you feel mostly?

Is fear an emotion?

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i think that yes- fear is an emotion :wink:

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i feel peace mostly :musical_note: :notes:

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som·ber /ˈsämbər / adjective

dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy. “the night skies were somber and starless”

synonyms: dark, drab, dull, dingy; restrained, subdued, sober, funereal

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Joy or Deep darkness. I alternate between the two most of the day

Yeah me too. I usually wake up in great mood. I think i also sleep in a good mood. Just the middle of the day it would get dreary and dark :hole:

I think my mood is not sleep dependent. I get my lows and highs at anytime of the day. I am quite stable when alone but not when I am in a relationship :frowning:

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Same here. I don’t like myself in relationships.

I have figured out now that relationships can only be handled in the following ways:-

a. Dont care attitude - Dont ask/Dont tell method. You know things are messy but you dont care. Works perfectly for marriages.

b. You should be able to get a Perfect match. By Perfect I dont mean money etc…By Perfect, I mean someone who is genuinely matured, kind, compassionate, loving, et al and then hope that she also likes you in bed. There is no guarantee that this too would last. But its a better shot than a hopeless match.

Sadness and sorrow.

Like @everhopeful, I mainly feel Fear:fearful:

sadness, apathy

If I had to pick just one, it would be resentment. At least over the past 12 months.