How are you feeling

How’s your mood doing? 1 super depressed to 10 manic

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  • 2
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I’m at about a 4.

I’m definitely a three at the rate I’m going it’ll be a 2 fast

Today I’m a 4. Only got 2 to 3 hours sleep last night. Maybe tonight will be one of those nights I get 6 to 8 hours sleep. Tomorrow I may be better than a 4.

I’m at about a 4.cant be. 5 cos it sounds too good

I am eh. I woke up late and had a nightmare about the demons attacking me that threw me off. I started my whole day late in general and now I can’t see my boyfriend until tonight. I’m stuck watching boring lecture videos for my exam tomorrow and I’m stressed about it.

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Stuck at 4, head pain is bumming me out.

Wow - is it co-incendance so many people voted at 4!?

How am i feeling?
Im quite happy acting out my madness in private thank you.
:smiley: x


I feel good enough to take a bath, but I don’t actually want to…


I feel a little depressed but I enjoy moments of flashes of insight and happiness. This website is my greatest joy because I get to express myself and the people are so kind.


Are so many people on 4 because of blunting of emotion negative symptom?

The early morning hours are usually the best hours for me. I feel cool and clear.

I’m a definite 4 at the moment. I certainly don’t feel depressed, but i don’t feel especially happy either. I just tip past 5 into 4.

Still feeling about a 4

I’m down to a 2 or a 3, feeling kinda down today.

I got different moods for different occasions. Sometimes i just got the blues.

I’m definitely a 5. Content and even.

i wanta be depressed at a 4. been on paroxetene so long. really kicking myself everytime i hear a voice.

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